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What is Walmart Fulfilment Services?

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is a third-party logistics (3PL) program that enables eCommerce businesses to outsource inventory management, shipping, refunds and customer care to a Walmart specialized fulfillment team. Businesses pay for these services as well as a space in Walmart’s vast online catalog. 

Now let’s understand the entire Walmart WFS program in detail. We’ll discuss how WFS works, its features and advantages, how it compares to Amazon FBA and how Walmart merchants can get started with the program.

How does Walmart Fulfillment Service work? 

Just like with Fulfillment by Amazon, Walmart Fulfillment Service offers the ability for sellers to store their inventory at any Walmart Fulfillment Service designated center. At the moment, sellers are responsible for sending and preparing their inventory to Walmart, however, Walmart will soon expand its services to cater to inbound capabilities.

The moment a buyer places an order via, Walmart picks, packs and ships the items on the sellers’ behalf and this eliminates logistics headaches.

That said, Walmart also assumes ownership of every post-sale process such as customer service calls and returns on fulfillment service orders. Sellers also have the option of participating in the Free and Easy Returns program, which allows buyers to make returns either by mail or in-store.

Walmart WFS vs Amazon FBA

WFS is fundamentally a competitor to Amazon FBA. The most critical aspect of competing with Amazon is achieving parity in terms of rapid and free delivery. Walmart understands that without quick and free delivery, shoppers would continue to shop on Amazon. The faster Walmart expands WFS and convinces its merchants to join, the greater its two-day delivery coverage will be.

Benefits of Walmart WFS

Here are the top 4 benefits of the Walmart WFS program: 

1: Guaranteed 2-day delivery: Amazon FBA has established the bar for expedited delivery, but Walmart is up to the task. Sellers can now provide 2-day delivery across the continental United States using WFS. Additionally, two-day shipping helps your items achieve greater search results and prominence in the Buy Box, which means that more customers will notice your listings. You can learn more about Walmart’s 2-day delivery badge from our Walmart experts.

2: Inventory & Order Management: WFS provides vendors with real-time data dashboards that enable them to monitor orders, inventory levels, and shipments. Walmart Seller Central has a Fulfillment Insights tab that enables merchants to monitor important shipment data by shipping performance, carrier performance and region performance.

3: Customer Service: Walmart is responsible for customer service, refunds and returns for items purchased via WFS. WFS items also have “Free & Easy Returns” and “Fulfilled by Walmart” tags, which boost exposure and conversion. WFS saves you time by managing customer service.

4: Simple Pricing: WFS’s pricing structure is refreshingly simple – stable, straightforward, and transparent to all potential WFS customers. This helps company owners to crunch the numbers on their present sales and make an educated judgment about whether WFS is a worthwhile investment.

Walmart WFS Fees

WFS charges a monthly storage cost depending on the volume of the items it stores and a fulfillment fee based on the weight of the items it fulfills. There are no enrollment, subscription, or inventory costs.

Storage Fee: WFS customers pay for the storage of their merchandise in Walmart’s fulfillment facilities. These fees are determined by the following:

– The product’s volume (length x width x height)

– The period of time during which the vendor will store the item with WFS.

Fulfillment Fee: Additionally, sellers pay for Walmart’s labor and resources used to fulfill orders – removing items from shelves, packing them into boxes, labeling them, scanning them, and delivering them to your customers.

How do I join Walmart WFS? 

Sellers must be active on the Walmart Marketplace before applying to ship orders via WFS.

Once vendors are allowed to use WFS, the process of getting started with WFS is as follows:

1. Agree to the terms of the WFS contract.

2. Configure or convert items in Seller Central to be Fulfilled by Walmart.

3. Distribute merchandise to a Walmart fulfillment facility.

Overall, the WFS program is a compelling alternative for Walmart Marketplace merchants seeking to improve customer experience, enhance product exposure, and provide two-day delivery through an established supply chain infrastructure. We’re excited to watch how Walmart continues to expand the capabilities and advantages of WFS over time.

However, to make things simpler for you, get in touch with eZdia for further information on the WFS program, suggestions, and tactics about everything Walmart Marketplace, how to increase sales on Walmart and the updated Walmart Marketplace Advertising Guide.

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Walmart Marketplace Changes in 2022

Buyers’ changing expectations and the marketplace’s increased emphasis on customer satisfaction have prompted improvements that will alter how you sell online in 2022. It has been pivotal in laying the groundwork for eCommerce’s future. 

With regards to Walmart specifically, the shift in customer behavior resulted in various changes in the industry. This blog will take you on a journey through the growing world of Walmart and all that it has to offer in terms of Walmart marketplace changes in 2022 and Walmart marketplace upcoming changes. 

Overview of the changes in buyer behavior

Customer satisfaction has been prioritized, with post-purchase quality being a significant factor. Listing quality has also been scrutinized as an increasing number of consumers perform online product research. The grocery, basics, home improvement, children’s and pet categories all saw significant growth in the market. With growing online competition, merchants are concentrating their efforts on Walmart’s paid services as well. New OTT platforms and streaming services are coming into the market all the time. This means that retailers are getting more and more reliant on new types of advertising.

New Walmart Marketplace Changes in 2022

New Seller Savings 

Sellers who join Walmart Marketplace by May 31, 2022 and begin selling on by June 30, 2022, will receive a 50% reduction on their first 90 days’ commission rates. Walmart has also extended its Introductory Offer for Walmart Fulfillment Services to sellers who wish to take advantage of Walmart’s low-cost fulfillment option. By enrolling in WFS, completing the setup procedure, and inbounding one item to our fulfillment center by June 30, 2022, approved sellers will receive 90 days of free storage and a 10% discount on fulfillment fees. To request to become a seller on Walmart or increase your sales on Walmart, contact us. 

Changes in the New Listing Quality Dashboard

This redesigned dashboard is specifically to help with the SEO and ranking of products. Walmart made this change in 2021 to help people who sell things on the market get more people to see them.

The Listing Quality Dashboard evaluates goods’ overall average quality score, the breakdown of the components that contribute to average listing quality, post-purchase quality and Pro Seller Badge status, as well as item-level grading for all published items.

The Pro Seller Badge 

This is another fantastic feature launched in 2020 and added to the list of Walmart Marketplace changes in 2022. This function is roughly identical to a confirmed blue tick on social networking, enhancing the seller’s authenticity. Walmart gives out pro-seller badges to top-performing sellers who adhere to stringent criteria in order to earn this seal of approval for greater confidence in the customer and boosts the seller’s conversion rates.

Panel Update 

Additionally, Walmart modified the design of their panel to a more user-friendly layout that is substantially less difficult. This simplifies the process of browsing the seller center and managing day-to-day operations for sellers. There are many powerful tools in the new panel, like listing quality, the pro seller badge, shipping templates, and message alerts.

Walmart Fulfilment Services 

This new fulfillment solution enables marketplace merchants to achieve the quickest delivery times at the lowest possible prices. Thus, they make it easier for sellers to offer quick and cheap delivery services while also improving their seller scores.

Message Alert 

Another fantastic feature that was recently added to improve the seller-buyer relationship that is critical to consumer satisfaction is Message Alert. Sellers now have direct access to buyer communications via the seller panel. 


Walmart streamlined the process of managing returns and resolving complaints. Sellers now resolve disputes and refunds using the payment dashboard in the Seller Center, rather than depending on Seller support. 

Shipping Templates

Another outstanding feature added in 2020 is the new shipping templates, which simplify the process of setting shipping exceptions for all states. Whereas the previous shipping exceptions were limited to seven US states and territories, the new templates allow vendors to modify shipments to all 51 US states and territories. In this way, vendors can set up very specific shipping policies. This makes it easier for both sellers and customers to have a smooth shipping experience.

Ship with the Walmart program

Walmart also announced another shipping-related improvement, the new Ship With Walmart program that enables vendors based in the United States to easily join Walmart Canada because of Walmart’s negotiated customs and excise taxes. Sellers can effectively join Walmart Canada and sell over the border with SWW without having to worry about hefty handling and shipping expenses.

In the case of non-US sellers

Previously, only US-based sellers were permitted to make product listings and sell on Walmart. Starting in 2021, Walmart has opened its doors to non-US merchants.

Automated Promotional Campaigns 

Walmart intends to use this functionality to assist merchants in promoting their items during Walmart-managed seasonal and category promotions. This enables sellers to submit, update, and manage their products for Walmart-run campaigns.

Smart Tags

Walmart added smart tags to its two-day shipping service. These machine-based smart tags assist you in applying Two-Day Shipping labels to products by recognizing which items can benefit the most from Two Day Shipping and can be dispatched sooner. Two-day shipping tags are automatically added and removed by the algorithm. Did you know that smart tags can help you increase your conversion rate by up to 37%?

We hope this article will assist you in comprehending the significant Walmart marketplace changes this year that are intended to enhance the marketplace and pave the way for a better future. We call all our Walmart merchants and those considering selling on Walmart in 2022, hoping to succeed big in 2022, to get in touch so that we could help you boost sales! 

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Understanding Walmart’s Listing Quality Score Dashboard to Boost Your Sales in 2022.

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard was recently launched to assist sellers in increasing sales and increasing their product exposure. It enables you to provide meaningful suggestions that will help you increase sales and develop your Walmart marketplace company. 

But let’s give you an overview of how Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard works in brief before we deep dive into how to boost your sales using the listing quality dashboard. 

What is Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard? 

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard is a “simple-to-use” section devoted to Walmart merchants. The Dashboard provides sellers with insight into post-purchase quality, which focuses on many aspects of the customer experience that contribute to your listing quality score on Walmart. There is a tool called the Listing Quality Dashboard that helps you, as a seller, find ways in which you can better improve your listings more quickly and more effectively.

The intuitive Dashboard enables you to determine your listing quality score on Walmart, identify areas for development, and view all the aspects that contribute to a successful, optimized listing.

Walmart started giving sellers free advice on how to improve their listings and sell more in 2020. The Listing Quality Dashboard helps them do this.

The dashboard, which is accessible via Walmart’s Seller Center, provides insight into the quality of your listings and what can be done to enhance them — it even offers a holistic listing quality score for catalog and item-level listings.

This score is determined by: 

  • Content 
  • Discoverability 
  • Ratings 
  • Customer Reviews 
  • Post-purchase quality 

If a seller gets content and discoverability suggestions from Walmart and has authority over the listing on Walmart, they may edit the listing using SellerActive and republish it from our platform. The SEO content of a listing is determined by the title, description, product characteristics, and bullet points, all of which are editable inside SellerActive. However, if the seller is not the original owner of the item, they will normally need to make these modifications via Walmart. Also, when sellers update their listings directly on Walmart’s Listing Quality dashboard, it’s critical to keep in mind that delays throughout the Christmas season and other busy shopping times might cause delayed changes.

And this is where you can take the help of the AI-based data-driven eZoptimizer. It simplifies the process of product optimization in the Walmart marketplace, resulting in improved product SEO and a higher SERP rank. 

How can eZoptmizer help you? 

When eZdia began developing eZoptimizer, we chose from the outset to adopt a more holistic, universal approach to listing quality that considers all aspects of a customer’s experience rather than simply content. Our proprietary multi-factor method enables us to inspect the content of your listings, their inventory levels, delivery alternatives, and post-purchase experience, among other factors. These variables add together to provide a single universal number: an improved Listing Quality Score (or LQ Score) to boost your sales. 

Optimize your product display page, listing quality, and customer happiness to increase sales at your Walmart shop. You must consistently improve and update your product profile in order to keep your overall average quality score, post-purchase quality, and post-purchase quality. This results in improved SEO for your items and a better SERP ranking.

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard offers creative methods to boost sales, but eZdia’s eZoptimizer assists you in achieving a better listing quality score with simple-to-use automated features.

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What Is Walmart Connect, and How Can It Help Advertisers?

Walmart has had a substantial advertising industry for years, and, like many other aspects of their company, they continue to innovate. Walmart has now changed the name of its advertising division, which was formerly known as “Walmart Media Group,” to “Walmart Connect.” 

What is Walmart Connect? 

Walmart Connect enables partners to be front-of-mind in Walmart stores, on the company’s digital assets, and across the internet in a manner that enhances the consumer experience. The company will use Walmart’s wide range of stores, the strength of its closed-loop technology, and its in-depth knowledge of its customers to help businesses get closer to their target customers no matter how they buy.

But before we dig deep into Walmart Connect, let’s understand why you need to advertise on Walmart in the first place: 

  1. has a lot of advantages that make it an excellent investment for sellers who want to grow and diversify.
  2. On, paid advertising may supplement your organic presence and boost your discoverability and exposure.
  3. Digital advertising may help new sellers, and items improve their early sales success.
  4. Through smart, targeted advertising,’s low-performing SKUs may get much-needed attention.
  5. Sellers who sell seasonal items, like Christmas candies and decorations and swimsuits, and patio furniture, will make more money when the season comes around.

Now, let’s get to how Walmart Connect can help advertisers: 

Walmart Connect leverages the reach of its native digital properties, including, pickup & delivery, and the Walmart App, to offer holistic campaigns across the digital shopper experience, including search and display media, putting advertiser messages directly in front of customers as they make purchasing decisions. This segment of the company is thriving—it almost doubled in revenue and more than doubled in advertiser count in the previous fiscal year.

Walmart Connect is also introducing new omnichannel abilities that will enable marketers to access the millions of consumers that visit Walmart locations each week. With approximately 170,000 digital displays across 4,500+ locations, the Walmart seller is also delivering media activations on in-store TV walls and self-checkout screens. Many marketing messages can be tailored to a specific day, time, or location. Because of these improvements, Walmart Connect has grown to become one of the biggest in-store activation networks and digital out-of-home advertising platforms. Over time, more possibilities for brands to take part in in-store events and sampling opportunities, such as the Walmart Drive-in, Spooky Street, and others, will be available.

Walmart Connect will use its unmatched first-party data to help retailers outside of Walmart improve their advertising.

When advertising expenditure through Walmart Connect is expected to soar, it will be more critical than ever to measure and manage advertising spending effectively. This involves assisting brand manufacturers in tracking and attributing advertising-related sales. This is where eZoptimizer, an AI-driven platform, can significantly boost the return on ad spend. The combination of accurate data and media-experienced partners like eZdia will provide considerable rewards for the sellers. Walmart represents a more exciting opportunity for companies to grow outside of Amazon than ever before.

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eZoptimizer – Your key to replicate Amazon success on Walmart

eZdia is excited to announce the launch of it’s AI platform eZoptimizer 2.0. eZoptimizer is a SaaS platform that enables sellers to grow their sales on Walmart marketplace.

eZoptimizer 2.0 is a significant release as we are bringinging the success directly to the doorsteps of a seller.  With it’s free trial, sellers can connect their Walmart product catalog and within minutes get data-driven insights from eZoptimizer which enables sellers to take actions and optimize their product listings. These recommendations increase their product visibility, engagement and results into conversion. 

This robust and simple-to-use self-service technology assists sellers in scaling their company on Walmart in 3 simple steps – 


It scans your complete product catalog and generates an item analysis report that identifies issues with your product listings and recommends how to resolve them.


After you’ve identified the key problems, you’ll be able to work on them with even minimum or no technical skills. Based on the recommendations, you create, change, and publish enhanced brand content for Walmart including relevant keywords infused in the copy itself, self-explanatory images, enhanced descriptions with bullets, and customer reviews that are more relevant to your customers and drive more traffic and sales. 


Monitor all of your product listings with the help of dashboards and scheduled weekly reports. With this information at your fingertips, you can get an insight into any problems that may need to be addressed to propel your product forward.

In our just concluded beta launch, over 90% users of eZoptimizer have seen 2X increase in sales, 3.2X increase in traffic and 46% increase in conversions. Automated workflows also result in significant cost savings.

Do not miss to take advantage of this limited time free trial offer and unlock the potential to replicate your Amazon success on Walmart. Offer is valid until  – March 31 2022.

To sign up now, click here

Up-on successful sign up, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions. For any additional questions, please contact us at or schedule a call today

Thank You,

Team eZoptimizer

About eZdia – eZdia Inc is a leading global digital marketing organization that specializes in developing conversion focused eContent for marketplaces, brands and retailers since 2012. eZdia’s has helped over 15,000 brands to attract, engage and convert business across 12 languages and markets globally. 9+ years of partnership with Walmart, 1M+  pages optimized, over 470 categories.

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How Advertising is Changing on Walmart in 2022?

The change in the landscape of advertising on Walmart is happening across the world and so will the Walmart advertising strategies. There is no doubt about the fact that Walmart is harnessing technology to grow. Walmart’s CEO McMillan in his keynote speech in 2021 underlined the need for business executives to continue to learn and apply in order to widen their viewpoints and improve their enterprises. He laid emphasis on how Walmart’s job is inextricably linked to technology.

To quote, “It’s very exciting, the way the company has changed our way of working to put technology to work, whether that’s the software of the way we use our data or, increasingly, the way we use robotics in our business,” he said.

He listed three technologies with which Walmart is experimenting:

Artificial intelligence (AI): Walmart believes that customizing experiences is the best way to save consumers time. Using AI to provide more accurate suggestions and adjustments will assist the organization in accomplishing this aim.

Big Data: Walmart is attempting to use data in order to improve customer interactions while keeping consumer faith in the brand.

Robotics: Walmart has automated several procedures in its stores and delivery hubs, and McMillon thinks that automation may assist increase inventory turns.

Adding more, Walmart will provide marketers with unprecedented chances to engage in-store consumers through digital media, including advertisements on self-checkout displays and on the walls of TV screens. Because these advertising will be handled at the shop level, they will consider factors such as whether a certain product is in stock at the time of ad distribution. This may help ensure that you are not wasting important advertising expenditures to pique the attention of customers who cannot make a purchase immediately.

Self-serve display advertising will be available later this year on Walmart Connect, a platform focused on increasing connections between brands and consumers at scale.

With Walmart combining its and Online Pickup & Delivery platforms, the potential for increasing online and in-store sales continue to grow.

Here is an updated guide on ads and how these display ads can work in the favor of your business increasing the ROI.

1. Search-In-Grid Results


Image Source:

These are cost-per-click (CPC) advertisements that display on the first three pages of search results, directing visitors to relevant Walmart product detail pages. The advertiser sets budgets and bids and only pays when a user clicks on the advertising. advertisements are accessible for both manual and automated advertising campaigns. To qualify for search in-grid ad placement, the products you want to market must already appear organically inside the first 128 search result slots. The minimum expenditure for this ad type is $100 for the duration of the campaign, or $50 each day. Remember, this is not the amount you will spend, but the minimum that Walmart has specified will be put into the platform.

2. Carousels


Carousel advertisements appear in a range of areas throughout, from the homepage to product detail pages, with manual and automated campaigns having varying levels of availability. Automatic campaigns support all carousel kinds; manual campaigns support just the search carousel.

Carousels can be important to the achievement of any Walmart advertising campaign, regardless of your objectives, which may include maintaining current exposure, capturing new consumers, or promoting new or seasonal products. Unlike search-in-grid advertising, the products you promote using Carousels do not have to be in the top 128 organic rankings.

3. Walmart Buy Box Banner


This is a highly sought-after, extremely competitive location that is reserved for automated campaigns only (not manual). The Buy Box appears on the product description page (PDP) for products that are a relevant alternative to the product consumers are watching or a complimentary product to the product shoppers are viewing.

4. Walmart Search Brand Amplifier


SBA (Search Brand Amplifier) is a trademarked collection of items that show at the top of search results for specified keywords. As with display packages, the Walmart Connect team manages this placement as well. This ad format offers a one-of-a-kind chance to increase brand recognition and understanding of the breadth of your product portfolio. Brand Amplifier placements highlight your brand, customized headlines, and up to three unique SKUs above the returning search results. From SBAs, shoppers are sent to a manual shelf, search, or browse page, with the minimum bid now set at $1.00.

Looking forward to the future

As of 2022, eZdia is now the official partner of Walmart. With eZoptimizer’s launch of our one-of-a-kind AI-based SAAS platform, we have put the seller’s success at the forefront of every choice we make—combined with our in-depth expertise, leveraged the power of AI to handle big data and understanding of Walmart’s advertising capabilities.

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How eZoptimizer Helps Retailers and Brands to Sell Successfully on Walmart?

Millions of customers flock to Walmart every month, making it an ideal marketplace for today’s online sellers. Sellers that want to broaden their e-commerce business by having access to a larger customer base can do it by taking one step further – getting their products listed on Walmart.

But the question is should you hire a professional?

As far as outsourcing Walmart listing optimization services is concerned, the short answer is yes! There are many advantages to outsourcing Walmart listing optimization to a Walmart recommended partner firm like eZdia, including different cash streams and access to more buyers.

But what if we tell you that we have developed one-of-a-kind AI-based SAAS platform that helps you to create a strong optimization strategy for Walmart enhanced brand content, allowing you to expand your company by selling on Walmart and boosting product ranks, traffic, and conversions.

Excited? Let’s list down points on how eZoptimizer solves your Walmart listing optimization and helps retailers and brands to sell successfully on Walmart by increasing your conversion rate.

1. Optimize Content

Adding fresh product content has never been easier. The software guides the writer through creating the title, description, and features, and shows any issues that may develop in terms of marketplace requirements and business growth. eZoptimizer also supports with content production, ensuring that you consistently employ search engine optimised keywords for your product.

2. Track Revenue

To grow your retail company, it is critical to understand and be capable of analysing big data in order to have a better understanding of your consumers and make more educated business decisions. With the help of this innovative technology, we assist our customers in developing an efficient strategy and system for monitoring and tracking the effectiveness of live product pages. In this manner, you can keep your content and keywords fresh and monitor the marketplace’s page rank.

3. Content Quality

By creating high-quality content, you can improve visitor traffic, decrease bounce rates, and boost conversions. The Listing Quality Score compares the content to the Walmart standard in order to increase discoverability and fully use Walmart’s search algorithm, hence increasing the possibility of a conversion. eZoptimizer analyses the product’s content and tells you if the product’s keyword rank falls. In a nutshell, you get a qualitative evaluation of your content’s performance in search, traffic generation, engagement, and conversion.

4. Content Services

On the backend, eZoptimizer leverages a professionally managed network of highly qualified eCommerce writers, editors, and researchers with more than a decade of expertise creating content for Walmart’s brand. The reality is that AI will never be able to completely replace human authors because it lacks storey. Our writers create content that is engaging for your consumers and elicits a range of human emotions. This distinguishes us from the other e-commerce content writing firms on the market. Scalability of eZdia helps you to achieve your goals while maintaining the consistent quality that generates revenue.

5. Weekly Reports

Each week, you’ll receive automatic eZoptimizer reports in your email inbox that provide useful insights into your productivity statistics, allowing you to better understand how you’re managing your brand, as well as a preview of the upcoming week, allowing you to plan out your highest-priority tasks. You can track income and conversions for all optimised product pages, as well as communicate with other users. Weekly data-driven reports aid management in making educated decisions regarding your brand based on the campaign’s success.

6. Performance Analysis

With eZoptimizer, you get a frequent analysis of your items’ performance on Walmart, both long and short term, which has been incredibly beneficial. With early warnings of your items’ poor performance on Walmart, you may prevent catastrophic failure and get a speedy return on your investment. This is a critical component of eZoptimizer that significantly increases process efficiency.

7. Search Rank Tracking

Tracking keyword rankings with a reputable search rank tracking tool is critical for assessing SEO performance, including the impact of content and link alterations on your site’s rankings. eZoptmizer allows you to monitor and report on keyword ranks in search engine result pages on a weekly and even daily basis, making it the greatest value for money AI-based software for monitoring and reporting on keyword rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs).

8. Growth Opportunities

They believe that everything that can be quantified may be improved. The same principle applies to Walmart product listings and optimization. Measuring and optimising the impact of your work is critical to the performance, retention, and perceived value of your goods. eZoptimizer monitors all aspects of your website, from rankings and conversions to broken links and more. When something isn’t working, it permits you to refocus your priorities.

9. Success Reports

Use our convenient and groundbreaking success reports to track the status of your Walmart listing. From search ranks, conversion rate, organic traffic, and ROI from SEO traffic, eZoptimizer will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all you need to know about your business’s success on Walmart.

10. Alerts & Notifications

Maintain control over all backend development and operational issues. Notify the individuals and dramatically shorten reaction times. This ensures that critical concerns are never overlooked and that measures are taken swiftly.

In a nutshell, here is why you need eZoptimizer:

Because of outsourcing Walmart listing optimization, you’ll be able to hire Walmart specialists to complete the work for you. Because eZdia’s experts are well-versed in the sector and having been worked with Walmart ex in-house team, they can help you swiftly optimize your Walmart listings and achieve the required outcomes.

With Walmart, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to make sure your products appear on the first few pages of search results. While hiring an in-house staff can be pricey, eZoptimizer is more cost-effective for periodically re-optimizing content, which is the key to being on top.

With the help of eZoptimizer, you ensure that your product descriptions, content, high-quality pictures, Walmart ads, pricing details, etc., are maintained precisely and up to date.

At eZdia, we use the most current strategies of the eCommerce market. With the help of eZoptimizer and Walmart listing professionals, we can assist you in gaining increased product discovery and larger visibility, as well as more sales opportunities.

Using a Walmart listing optimization tool, you can maintain good listing scores that relieve you of any additional load, allowing you to devote your time and energy to other aspects of your business.


In the end, it all comes down to the manner you list your things on Walmart, and how well they do. It’s not enough to just list your items; you also need to make sure that prospective clients can easily locate your product listing. The only way to do this is by optimizing your Walmart product listings and using the best practices. Your sales and income will rise as you improve your Walmart product listings and, eZoptimizer is a powerful, reliable and efficient AI-based tool for your eCommerce business that helps you achieve the desired result in no time.

And, why not! Over the last decade, eZdia has built a strong team of Walmart product listing specialists that can establish SKUs and write captivating descriptions and optimize product photos, to name a few of their skills. We are one of the most sought-after names in Walmart support services known for our established track record of supporting eCommerce businesses worldwide.

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How to Optimize Walmart Ads for Better Conversions?

Increasing sales and staying competitive in Walmart Marketplace is the biggest difficulty for many eCommerce firms. Apart from Walmart’s listing optimization, providing excellent customer service, never running out of inventory, and focusing on SEO,  it is also important that you consider Walmart’s paid promotions and ads choices. It is one of the most effective Walmart marketing strategies if you want to boost the exposure and conversions of your products.

We are sure that you must have had great experiences on Amazon but despite the similarities between Walmart and Amazon advertising, you must have a separate strategy for each channel. Here are some ways to maximize the value out of your Walmart advertising campaigns.

1. Choose Automated Campaigns, But Carefully

You have two choices when setting up your Walmart advertising campaign—automatic or manual. A manual campaign is a more tailored option for well-established items on Walmart or companies that are already aware of which keywords are popular with their consumers, while automatic campaigns are recommended for firms who are inexperienced with advertising, introducing a new product, or focusing on growth. Walmart selects suitable places for this sort of advertisement automatically. Automatic campaigns, unlike manual campaigns, are not restricted to in-grid search ad placements. Automatic campaigns enable listings to appear in sponsored carousels and the product detail pages’ purchase box. You have control over the keywords that appear in your listing’s title, description, and other listing sections. Walmart uses these keywords to determine the most effective placement of advertisements. However, this type of advertisement is often costly with low ROI.

2. Set a Budget

Too often, budgets devolve into guesswork, leaving you with insufficient outcomes, excessive expenditures, or both. When a budget is established intentionally, better outcomes are generally the consequence. By using the “set total budget” feature provided on the Walmart platform, you may automate the management of a budget without having to constantly check it.

Set a Budget

3. Placement Inclusion

Shoppers see display advertisements when browsing, learn more about a particular product or brand, and often seek out the product the next time they visit a physical retail location. Make use of the new ‘placement inclusion’ functionality. Choose from two sorts of placements: Search Ingrid and Search Carousel. The former is on by default and cannot be deactivated. The second option is optional but strongly recommended for increasing reach and is applicable exclusively to keyword-based advertising. This carousel appears on search results pages, category pages, and product pages. Unlike the standard carousel, items included here do not have to be in the top 128 organic listings (about 3 pages). Rather than that, you pay for the items to be listed on the site.

Placement Inclusion

4. Bid Multiplier

The bid multiplier is the percentage increase in your offer that you are prepared to make in order to appear in particular Walmart ad spots. You can relate it to controlling the steering wheel of the Walmart ad campaigns. You can select any bid multipliers you like. However, these are optional and only provide you with some flexibility over the placement of your Walmart advertisements. You may add a bid multiplier to Buy Box (automated campaigns only) and Search Ingrid placements.

Bid Multiplier

5. Avoid Using Only Match Keywords

Avoid Using Only Match Keywords

Use Walmart’s recommended keywords in manual and automated campaigns and experiment with greater bids for closely comparable keywords. Consider beginning your suggested bid as given by the Walmart advertising dashboard and using cascade bids according to match type. Cascading bids enable you to increase your bids on closely related keywords while decreasing your prices on wider keywords.

If you’re launching a recurring product, it may be prudent to expand into new areas in order to increase sales and market share. Additionally, you may improve impressions by using wide-match keywords. It is recommended to include as many keywords as your budget permits. If you’re manually managing campaigns, begin with the Suggested Keywords tab. They’re presented in decreasing order, so beginning at the top will provide better results than starting at the bottom–and almost certainly better results than any long-tail keywords you add yourself.

6. Optimize Product Listings and Visuals, Both

A Walmart consumer is far more likely to convert to an online purchase when the product’s use instructions are clear and concise. To make the most of the material on your Walmart product listings:

  • Be precise
  • Prioritize the value proposition
  • Utilize important keywords, but refrain from repeating the same one more than three times.
  • Include high-resolution photographs of your product in action.
  • If your product category permits include video.
  • Add product characteristics, tagging, and backend keywords to the Walmart Seller Center.

7. Make Most of the Performance Stats

Always use your performance data to have a better knowledge of your outcomes and the effectiveness of your efforts in generating actual income. It’s critical to understand that the efficacy of items and ASPs varies according to the page on which they appear and their placement on that page. It’s critical to test various pages and ad positions in order to understand which combinations provide the best results for the company. If you hire an eCommerce agency, they can analyze and work upon the results of this data that may direct a brand’s next steps and inspire the brand’s next campaign effectively.

8. Hire a Walmart Advertising Expert Agency

Consider teaming with a Walmart advertising agency if you want to scale your Walmart advertising rapidly and efficiently. Leading eCommerce firms like eZdia provide industry knowledge and experience to companies, making it simpler to get started and achieve results faster. You get a proven methodology for campaign structuring, keyword research and optimization, and product promotion in Walmart advertising, which will eliminate a lot of the guesswork when you hire marketplace experts.

eZdia has a team of ex-Walmart professionals and marketplace prodigies working relentlessly on your product and business development to enhance the functionality, features, and scalability of your Walmart advertising offerings.

We can assist you in optimizing campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your advertisements and provide creative services to increase the likelihood of your ads and listings converting into long-term profits.


Top Amazon Seller Conferences in 2022

Networking is one of the most effective strategies to learn and develop in sales. Here, you may develop your company by networking with others – and then learning from some of the pros who have mastered certain parts of FBA selling on Amazon. Attending Amazon conferences is critical, but determining which ones to attend is difficult. Are you also having difficulty finding reliable information on the greatest Amazon conferences scheduled for 2022? Here is a list of the top conferences to attend this year:


Where: Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
When: January 16-18, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person

The conference seeks to bring together the brightest minds in eCommerce in order to collaborate on innovative approaches to define the frontiers of retail. 

  • ASD Market Week

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When:  February 27 – March 2, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: Biggest B2B Wholesale Trade Show Las Vegas | ASD Market Week (

ASD is essentially a marketplace for buyers with a large open-to-buy budget and a strong desire to purchase to communicate with vendors. It’s an excellent approach to expanding your consumer base. There are, however, other reasons to attend, including measures for selling more intelligently. 

  • Midwest eCommerce Conference

Where: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota
When: March 1, 2022
Type of Event: Virtual
Website: Midwest Ecommerce Seminar 2021

Midwest Ecommerce is a relatively recent conference that has been taking place for just a few years that brings together brands, providers, and retailers to collaborate on new trends and ideas. The event intends to educate eCommerce vendors — on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, among others – on innovative strategies for growing their businesses.

  • The Prosper Show

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When: March 14-16, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: Prosper Show

The Prosper Show is the biggest continuous training event in the United States for seasoned Amazon merchants. Two days of rigorous training conducted by leaders from 30 major firms, including a dozen former Amazon executives where they give hands-on training to guide you through important procedures that will aid you in developing your company, boosting your margins, and minimizing the time spent starting your firm.

  • SellerCon

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
When: May 5-6, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person

This is an Amazon Sellers convention – the “eCommerce learning experience,” where you will be motivated not by anecdotes, but by acquiring the information necessary to manage a successful eCommerce company.

  • Billion Dollar Summit

Where: Live Conference
When: May 5-6, 2022
Type of Event: Virtual
Website: Billion Dollar Seller Summit

Consider how much time you’ll spend rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful Amazon merchants in the world.

  • eCommerce Expo

Where: UK
When: September 28-29, 2022
Type of Event: Virtual
Website: eCommerce Expo | Technology for Marketing

The event is touted as a one-stop shop for all things digital marketing and eCommerce. The conference covers all aspects of eCommerce, from technology to marketing.

  • White Label World Expo New York

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA
When: 29 – 30 Sep 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: White Label World Expo New York (

The exhibition is a great setting for discovering and testing new items from the world’s leading vendors. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to attend lectures, masterclasses, and special events with industry leaders, including an Amazon pro sellers conference.

  • AMZ Innovate

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA
When: 29 – 30 Sep 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: amzinnovate

This one-day event for Amazon sellers is jam-packed with unique ideas and hands-on experiences guided by seasoned seven- and eight-figure merchants.

  • Amazon Sellers Group TG (ASGTG)

Where: Brooklyn, New York
When: Dates to be Announced
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: ASGTG – Amazon Sellers Group TG

If you are an Amazon private label seller or reseller, you will not want to miss this one-day event with Amazon third-party selling industry professionals.


Steps to Advertise Successfully on Walmart

To advertise your items on Walmart Marketplace, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional eCommerce agency like eZdia to assist you who use AI-based tools like eZoptimizer to perform intense keyword research, improving listing score for improved traffic and effective Walmart advertising strategies for better conversions and sales.

Keep in mind that catalog and product listing optimization is one of the key objectives of Walmart if you decide to keep everything in-house. In addition, you have to maintain a high level of consistency in both your organic ranks and product exposure as well as your ability to regulate your CPC and ROI in paid advertising, which is a far more expensive and time-consuming process than automated campaigns, which eZoptimizer handles efficiently.

Here is how you can successfully advertise on Walmart:

Become a Marketplace Seller

To order to have your business listed on Walmart Marketplace,

  • you must first apply by filling the application form. 
  • Register your business and complete your partner profile. 
  • Set up your catalog and test orders. 
  • Launch your Walmart seller account.

Once your profile has been reviewed by Walmart’s Marketplace integration team, your items will be available on within 24 hours.

But be mindful that a lot of businesses face rejection during this first step. So, make sure you have a professional agency backing up your brand that knows how Walmart works.

Put your Product Catalogue Online

You may begin creating your product listing now that your business has been accepted into the Walmart Marketplace. There are a few ways to get your product catalog on Walmart Marketplace.

Easy step by step guide to correctly putting your product catalog online:

  • Access “Add New Items”
  • Enter Item Identifier
  • Enter Item Name and Product Category
  • Fill in the Required Attributes
  • Fill out Recommended Content Attributes
  • Add Product Images
  • Complete General Listing Settings
  • Submit

Request for Advertising Access

Apply to the Walmart Media Group by emailing with the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Contact information (your name, phone number, and email)
  3. Number of SKUs (offered by your business on
  4. Product category (the primary category of products sold by your business)
  5. Primary campaign objective
  6. Target audience
  7. Desired advertising plan (annual, seasonal, etc.)
  8. Anticipated budget

Attending Walmart Advertising Webinar

If Walmart Media Group authorizes your company for advertising on Walmart Marketplace, you will move to the next stage in the Walmart Marketplace advertising process. The Walmart Media Group will inform your organization and ask you to participate in a webinar training session.

To begin advertising on Walmart Marketplace, your business must attend this webinar.

The Walmart Media Group delivers weekly training webinars, which gives your staff some flexibility in terms of attendance. Additionally, the webinars address certain critical elements, such as how the platform operates. Each webinar concludes with a live Q&A session.

According to Walmart Marketplace, your organization needs to stock up on about 100 new goods.

Start Advertising

It’s time for you to start advertising on Walmart Marketplace. Each proposal is reviewed and approved by the Walmart Media Group, which is Walmart’s ad platform. You may be approved to advertise on Walmart Marketplace if your company’s performance on the platform is good enough.

Types of Ad Campaigns on Walmart

Walmart performance ads

Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs) are a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tool that enables your business to market a product to customers throughout Walmart Marketplace determines where and when your advertising should show using WPAs. Unlike regular PPC advertisements, WPAs are not keyword-based. If you’re acquainted with Amazon’s automated targeting feature, Walmart’s approach to WPAs is similar.

Native banner ads

Additionally, businesses may collaborate with the Walmart Media Group to use native banner advertisements. The Walmart Media Group brings your brand front and centre for customers visiting Walmart Marketplace with a native banner ad.

Catapult ads

Catapult advertisements may also be used by businesses to market certain products. It shows at the top of all product listings. As a premium option, it has the words “Featured Item” displayed.

Site search feature ads

Search engine advertising places your brand on a product page that is relevant to the search term. All your items are available for viewing when someone clicks on your advertisement. Afterward, customers may utilize filters to narrow down their options further.

On the Walmart Marketplace, you may begin your first ad campaign after completing the onboarding procedure. However, your team should consider a few crucial things before creating one like

  • How would you want to promote your products?
  • How much money do you plan to spend each month?
  • How much money do you want to spend on each item?
  • You may conduct a campaign for whatever length you wish.

Thereafter, you may begin creating your campaign and ad. You and your team should review your approach on a regular basis after the debut of your ad.

Promote your items more effectively by creating well-organized and thorough ad campaigns. And, of course, keep testing.

However, you can make the process of Walmart marketplace advertising simpler by hiring marketplace professionals like eZdia who have decades of experience in Walmart advertising platforms and can fetch you desired conversion results.