eCommerce Content Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t what it used to be. Technical optimization today is just the “ticket to entry,” but the only way to drive organic traffic profitably and achieve first page SERP positioning, is to deliver better content for all the search queries a customer uses during their buying journey.

eZdia’s approach to building organic content is unique and breaks many of the traditional SEO rules. Here’s what’s different about the eZdia approach to generating a better ROI with search marketing.

SEO for eCommerce

eZdia’s approach to SEO strategies is uniquely tailored to eCommerce sites that want to optimize for revenue instead of just traffic.

Page Prioritization

Not all pages are created equally and identifying which pages are most likely to respond to a content infusion leads to results.

Organic Keyword Research

There is more to keyword research than just determining the average monthly search volume. eZdia’s approach is optimized for keyword value.

Return on Content Spend

The only way to optimize a content strategy is to create metrics designed to measure the ROI of organic content.

Conversion Rate

Even a small improvement in the eCommerce conversion rates can have a massive financial impact across the site. eZdia copywriting techniques are designed to engage and compel a higher purchase rate.

Content Strategies

Writing eCommerce content is a creative process but building the underlying content strategy is a methodical marketing process that when done well, cannibalizes paid search expenses and creates an organic content asset.