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eZdia delivers eContent for eCommerce companies. eContent is the collection of digital assets that are designed to attract, engage and convert visitors into customers.

eZdia has been delivering eContent for eCommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Staples, Lowe’s and Newegg since 2012. Today, eZdia is building eContent strategies for both eCommerce sites and the brands that sell through eCommerce sites.

eContent techniques today should be highly measurable and directly tied to incremental sales. eZdia uses a return on content spend (ROCS) approach to both measuring and optimizing content techniques that are specific to the product, the brand and the site.

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Our Story

We really did start in a
garage in the Silicon Valley.

Client Success

We are proud of all
of our customers but these
are some eCommerce sites
that have seen the power of
eZdia’s ability to scale
content profitably.

eZdia Partnerships

eZdia’s helps other eCommerce companies scale search optimized content and keyword research for their eCommerce clients.

eZdia Support

eZdia’s CrewMachine software is an important part of the company.

Become an eZdia Writer

eZdia operates a fully managed network of professional eCommerce writers. If you have a passion for writing (and shopping), visit our CrewMachine site to learn more about how to join our team.

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