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When eZdia first began in 2012, “organic content” was only used by the most sophisticated eCommerce sites. The company quickly established itself as an eCommerce specialist that helped companies profitably scale their content requirements. The company’s early clients, Amazon and Walmart, helped accelerate eZdia’s understanding of how to deploy content so that it doesn’t just generate organic search traffic, but generates SEO-driven transactions. Along the way the data clearly showed that incremental eCommerce content, when done right, doesn’t just drive organic traffic, but it drives better conversion rates from all customer acquisition channels.

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Our Story

We really did start in a
garage in the Silicon Valley.

Client Success

We are proud of all
of our customers but these
are some eCommerce sites
that have seen the power of
eZdia’s ability to scale
content profitably.

eZdia Partnerships

eZdia’s helps other eCommerce
companies scale search
optimized content and
keyword research for
their eCommerce clients.

eZdia Support

eZdia’s CrewMachine software is
an important part of the company.

Become an eZdia Writer

eZdia operates a fully managed
network of professional
eCommerce writers. If you
have a passion for writing
(and shopping), visit our
CrewMachine site to learn more
about how to join our team.