Driving the eCommerce Conversion Rate

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a 100 new visitors come to the site only to see just one or two of them place an order. Driving up the conversion rate starts with identifying the right keywords but goes well beyond that. In a face-to-face sales situation a good sales rep knows to probe a prospect to identify objections, but in eCommerce the interaction is less personal. Well optimized organic content needs to proactively raise and overcome common buying objections as part of a series of techniques designed to increase the order rate. Well executed organic content doesn’t just drive incremental search buyers, it helps raise the site’s overall conversion rate and even small improvements in conversion rate can have a significant incremental revenue impact on the site.

eCommerce sites are in the business of stimulating a purchase and product content is the most important element for winning that order. Investing in conversion copy is always a low risk strategy.
Example: eZdia built a content strategy for a small site with a strong product offering, but a conversion rate the wrong side of 0.5%. We built content and while we waited for Google to reward the improvement, we saw the paid search product listing ads (PLA) ROAS increase dramatically on conversion rates more than three times higher.
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