How eZoptimizer Helps Retailers and Brands to Sell Successfully on Walmart?

How eZoptimizer Helps Retailers and Brands to Sell Successfully on Walmart?

Millions of customers flock to Walmart every month, making it an ideal marketplace for today’s online sellers. Sellers that want to broaden their e-commerce business by having access to a larger customer base can do it by taking one step further – getting their products listed on Walmart.

But the question is should you hire a professional?

As far as outsourcing Walmart listing optimization services is concerned, the short answer is yes! There are many advantages to outsourcing Walmart listing optimization to a Walmart recommended partner firm like eZdia, including different cash streams and access to more buyers.

But what if we tell you that we have developed one-of-a-kind AI-based SAAS platform that helps you to create a strong optimization strategy for Walmart enhanced brand content, allowing you to expand your company by selling on Walmart and boosting product ranks, traffic, and conversions.

Excited? Let’s list down points on how eZoptimizer solves your Walmart listing optimization and helps retailers and brands to sell successfully on Walmart by increasing your conversion rate.

1. Optimize Content

Adding fresh product content has never been easier. The software guides the writer through creating the title, description, and features, and shows any issues that may develop in terms of marketplace requirements and business growth. eZoptimizer also supports with content production, ensuring that you consistently employ search engine optimised keywords for your product.

2. Track Revenue

To grow your retail company, it is critical to understand and be capable of analysing big data in order to have a better understanding of your consumers and make more educated business decisions. With the help of this innovative technology, we assist our customers in developing an efficient strategy and system for monitoring and tracking the effectiveness of live product pages. In this manner, you can keep your content and keywords fresh and monitor the marketplace’s page rank.

3. Content Quality

By creating high-quality content, you can improve visitor traffic, decrease bounce rates, and boost conversions. The Listing Quality Score compares the content to the Walmart standard in order to increase discoverability and fully use Walmart’s search algorithm, hence increasing the possibility of a conversion. eZoptimizer analyses the product’s content and tells you if the product’s keyword rank falls. In a nutshell, you get a qualitative evaluation of your content’s performance in search, traffic generation, engagement, and conversion.

4. Content Services

On the backend, eZoptimizer leverages a professionally managed network of highly qualified eCommerce writers, editors, and researchers with more than a decade of expertise creating content for Walmart’s brand. The reality is that AI will never be able to completely replace human authors because it lacks storey. Our writers create content that is engaging for your consumers and elicits a range of human emotions. This distinguishes us from the other e-commerce content writing firms on the market. Scalability of eZdia helps you to achieve your goals while maintaining the consistent quality that generates revenue.

5. Weekly Reports

Each week, you’ll receive automatic eZoptimizer reports in your email inbox that provide useful insights into your productivity statistics, allowing you to better understand how you’re managing your brand, as well as a preview of the upcoming week, allowing you to plan out your highest-priority tasks. You can track income and conversions for all optimised product pages, as well as communicate with other users. Weekly data-driven reports aid management in making educated decisions regarding your brand based on the campaign’s success.

6. Performance Analysis

With eZoptimizer, you get a frequent analysis of your items’ performance on Walmart, both long and short term, which has been incredibly beneficial. With early warnings of your items’ poor performance on Walmart, you may prevent catastrophic failure and get a speedy return on your investment. This is a critical component of eZoptimizer that significantly increases process efficiency.

7. Search Rank Tracking

Tracking keyword rankings with a reputable search rank tracking tool is critical for assessing SEO performance, including the impact of content and link alterations on your site’s rankings. eZoptmizer allows you to monitor and report on keyword ranks in search engine result pages on a weekly and even daily basis, making it the greatest value for money AI-based software for monitoring and reporting on keyword rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs).

8. Growth Opportunities

They believe that everything that can be quantified may be improved. The same principle applies to Walmart product listings and optimization. Measuring and optimising the impact of your work is critical to the performance, retention, and perceived value of your goods. eZoptimizer monitors all aspects of your website, from rankings and conversions to broken links and more. When something isn’t working, it permits you to refocus your priorities.

9. Success Reports

Use our convenient and groundbreaking success reports to track the status of your Walmart listing. From search ranks, conversion rate, organic traffic, and ROI from SEO traffic, eZoptimizer will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all you need to know about your business’s success on Walmart.

10. Alerts & Notifications

Maintain control over all backend development and operational issues. Notify the individuals and dramatically shorten reaction times. This ensures that critical concerns are never overlooked and that measures are taken swiftly.

In a nutshell, here is why you need eZoptimizer:

Because of outsourcing Walmart listing optimization, you’ll be able to hire Walmart specialists to complete the work for you. Because eZdia’s experts are well-versed in the sector and having been worked with Walmart ex in-house team, they can help you swiftly optimize your Walmart listings and achieve the required outcomes.

With Walmart, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to make sure your products appear on the first few pages of search results. While hiring an in-house staff can be pricey, eZoptimizer is more cost-effective for periodically re-optimizing content, which is the key to being on top.

With the help of eZoptimizer, you ensure that your product descriptions, content, high-quality pictures, Walmart ads, pricing details, etc., are maintained precisely and up to date.

At eZdia, we use the most current strategies of the eCommerce market. With the help of eZoptimizer and Walmart listing professionals, we can assist you in gaining increased product discovery and larger visibility, as well as more sales opportunities.

Using a Walmart listing optimization tool, you can maintain good listing scores that relieve you of any additional load, allowing you to devote your time and energy to other aspects of your business.


In the end, it all comes down to the manner you list your things on Walmart, and how well they do. It’s not enough to just list your items; you also need to make sure that prospective clients can easily locate your product listing. The only way to do this is by optimizing your Walmart product listings and using the best practices. Your sales and income will rise as you improve your Walmart product listings and, eZoptimizer is a powerful, reliable and efficient AI-based tool for your eCommerce business that helps you achieve the desired result in no time.

And, why not! Over the last decade, eZdia has built a strong team of Walmart product listing specialists that can establish SKUs and write captivating descriptions and optimize product photos, to name a few of their skills. We are one of the most sought-after names in Walmart support services known for our established track record of supporting eCommerce businesses worldwide.

How to Optimize Walmart Ads for Better Conversions?

How to Optimize Walmart Ads for Better Conversions?

Increasing sales and staying competitive in Walmart Marketplace is the biggest difficulty for many eCommerce firms. Apart from Walmart’s listing optimization, providing excellent customer service, never running out of inventory, and focusing on SEO,  it is also important that you consider Walmart’s paid promotions and ads choices. It is one of the most effective Walmart marketing strategies if you want to boost the exposure and conversions of your products.

We are sure that you must have had great experiences on Amazon but despite the similarities between Walmart and Amazon advertising, you must have a separate strategy for each channel. Here are some ways to maximize the value out of your Walmart advertising campaigns.

1. Choose Automated Campaigns, But Carefully

You have two choices when setting up your Walmart advertising campaign—automatic or manual. A manual campaign is a more tailored option for well-established items on Walmart or companies that are already aware of which keywords are popular with their consumers, while automatic campaigns are recommended for firms who are inexperienced with advertising, introducing a new product, or focusing on growth. Walmart selects suitable places for this sort of advertisement automatically. Automatic campaigns, unlike manual campaigns, are not restricted to in-grid search ad placements. Automatic campaigns enable listings to appear in sponsored carousels and the product detail pages’ purchase box. You have control over the keywords that appear in your listing’s title, description, and other listing sections. Walmart uses these keywords to determine the most effective placement of advertisements. However, this type of advertisement is often costly with low ROI.

2. Set a Budget

Too often, budgets devolve into guesswork, leaving you with insufficient outcomes, excessive expenditures, or both. When a budget is established intentionally, better outcomes are generally the consequence. By using the “set total budget” feature provided on the Walmart platform, you may automate the management of a budget without having to constantly check it.

Set a Budget

3. Placement Inclusion

Shoppers see display advertisements when browsing, learn more about a particular product or brand, and often seek out the product the next time they visit a physical retail location. Make use of the new ‘placement inclusion’ functionality. Choose from two sorts of placements: Search Ingrid and Search Carousel. The former is on by default and cannot be deactivated. The second option is optional but strongly recommended for increasing reach and is applicable exclusively to keyword-based advertising. This carousel appears on search results pages, category pages, and product pages. Unlike the standard carousel, items included here do not have to be in the top 128 organic listings (about 3 pages). Rather than that, you pay for the items to be listed on the site.

Placement Inclusion

4. Bid Multiplier

The bid multiplier is the percentage increase in your offer that you are prepared to make in order to appear in particular Walmart ad spots. You can relate it to controlling the steering wheel of the Walmart ad campaigns. You can select any bid multipliers you like. However, these are optional and only provide you with some flexibility over the placement of your advertisements. You may add a bid multiplier to Buy Box (automated campaigns only) and Search Ingrid placements.

Bid Multiplier

5. Avoid Using Only Match Keywords

Avoid Using Only Match Keywords

Use Walmart’s recommended keywords in manual and automated campaigns and experiment with greater bids for closely comparable keywords. Consider beginning your suggested bid as given by the Walmart advertising dashboard and using cascade bids according to match type. Cascading bids enable you to increase your bids on closely related keywords while decreasing your prices on wider keywords.

If you’re launching a recurring product, it may be prudent to expand into new areas in order to increase sales and market share. Additionally, you may improve impressions by using wide-match keywords. It is recommended to include as many keywords as your budget permits. If you’re manually managing campaigns, begin with the Suggested Keywords tab. They’re presented in decreasing order, so beginning at the top will provide better results than starting at the bottom–and almost certainly better results than any long-tail keywords you add yourself.

6. Optimize Product Listings and Visuals, Both

A Walmart consumer is far more likely to convert to an online purchase when the product’s use instructions are clear and concise. To make the most of the material on your Walmart product listings:

  • Be precise
  • Prioritize the value proposition
  • Utilize important keywords, but refrain from repeating the same one more than three times.
  • Include high-resolution photographs of your product in action.
  • If your product category permits include video.
  • Add product characteristics, tagging, and backend keywords to the Walmart Seller Center.

7. Make Most of the Performance Stats

Always use your performance data to have a better knowledge of your outcomes and the effectiveness of your efforts in generating actual income. It’s critical to understand that the efficacy of items and ASPs varies according to the page on which they appear and their placement on that page. It’s critical to test various pages and ad positions in order to understand which combinations provide the best results for the company. If you hire an eCommerce agency, they can analyze and work upon the results of this data that may direct a brand’s next steps and inspire the brand’s next campaign effectively.

8. Hire a Walmart Advertising Expert Agency

Consider teaming with a Walmart advertising agency if you want to scale your Walmart advertising rapidly and efficiently. Leading eCommerce firms like eZdia provide industry knowledge and experience to companies, making it simpler to get started and achieve results faster. You get a proven methodology for campaign structuring, keyword research and optimization, and product promotion in Walmart advertising, which will eliminate a lot of the guesswork when you hire marketplace experts.

eZdia has a team of ex-Walmart professionals and marketplace prodigies working relentlessly on your product and business development to enhance the functionality, features, and scalability of your Walmart advertising offerings.

We can assist you in optimizing campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your advertisements and provide creative services to increase the likelihood of your ads and listings converting into long-term profits.

Top Amazon Seller Conferences in 2022

Top Amazon Seller Conferences in 2022

Networking is one of the most effective strategies to learn and develop in sales. Here, you may develop your company by networking with others – and then learning from some of the pros who have mastered certain parts of FBA selling on Amazon. Attending Amazon conferences is critical, but determining which ones to attend is difficult. Are you also having difficulty finding reliable information on the greatest Amazon conferences scheduled for 2022? Here is a list of the top conferences to attend this year:


Where: Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
When: January 16-18, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person

The conference seeks to bring together the brightest minds in eCommerce in order to collaborate on innovative approaches to define the frontiers of retail. 

  • ASD Market Week

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When:  February 27 – March 2, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: Biggest B2B Wholesale Trade Show Las Vegas | ASD Market Week (

ASD is essentially a marketplace for buyers with a large open-to-buy budget and a strong desire to purchase to communicate with vendors. It’s an excellent approach to expanding your consumer base. There are, however, other reasons to attend, including measures for selling more intelligently. 

  • Midwest eCommerce Conference

Where: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota
When: March 1, 2022
Type of Event: Virtual
Website: Midwest Ecommerce Seminar 2021

Midwest Ecommerce is a relatively recent conference that has been taking place for just a few years that brings together brands, providers, and retailers to collaborate on new trends and ideas. The event intends to educate eCommerce vendors — on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, among others – on innovative strategies for growing their businesses.

  • The Prosper Show

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When: March 14-16, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: Prosper Show

The Prosper Show is the biggest continuous training event in the United States for seasoned Amazon merchants. Two days of rigorous training conducted by leaders from 30 major firms, including a dozen former Amazon executives where they give hands-on training to guide you through important procedures that will aid you in developing your company, boosting your margins, and minimizing the time spent starting your firm.

  • SellerCon

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
When: May 5-6, 2022
Type of Event: In-Person

This is an Amazon Sellers convention – the “eCommerce learning experience,” where you will be motivated not by anecdotes, but by acquiring the information necessary to manage a successful eCommerce company.

  • Billion Dollar Summit

Where: Live Conference
When: May 5-6, 2022
Type of Event: Virtual
Website: Billion Dollar Seller Summit

Consider how much time you’ll spend rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful Amazon merchants in the world.

  • eCommerce Expo

Where: UK
When: September 28-29, 2022
Type of Event: Virtual
Website: eCommerce Expo | Technology for Marketing

The event is touted as a one-stop shop for all things digital marketing and eCommerce. The conference covers all aspects of eCommerce, from technology to marketing.

  • White Label World Expo New York

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA
When: 29 – 30 Sep 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: White Label World Expo New York (

The exhibition is a great setting for discovering and testing new items from the world’s leading vendors. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to attend lectures, masterclasses, and special events with industry leaders, including an Amazon pro sellers conference.

  • AMZ Innovate

Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA
When: 29 – 30 Sep 2022
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: amzinnovate

This one-day event for Amazon sellers is jam-packed with unique ideas and hands-on experiences guided by seasoned seven- and eight-figure merchants.

  • Amazon Sellers Group TG (ASGTG)

Where: Brooklyn, New York
When: Dates to be Announced
Type of Event: In-Person
Website: ASGTG – Amazon Sellers Group TG

If you are an Amazon private label seller or reseller, you will not want to miss this one-day event with Amazon third-party selling industry professionals.

How to Improve Listing Score on Walmart for Better Conversions?

How to Improve Listing Score on Walmart for Better Conversions?

Successfully selling on begins with creating a great product.

Why should you opt for Walmart Listing Optimization?

There are many reasons to optimize your listings, but one of the most important is to increase your listing scores. Quality listings improve customer experience, which builds trust in your product and leads to higher conversion rates.

What’s the next move?

Achieving the perfect balance between creating an attractive product listing and convincing customers to click “Add to Cart” on your product is important. Your products will go unseen and non-purchased if your product listings aren’t strong. The fact is that improving listing scores is critical for any online marketplace, but selling on needs additional care. And, therefore, you need to hire market professionals like eZdia who can improve the quality of your product listings.

But before you do that, to help you increase your listing score on Walmart, we’ve compiled some expert advice from our many years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie, these pointers will help you all.

But first things first – why is Walmart listing optimization important?

When a customer uses Walmart’s Search Engine, it searches all the listings to see if any of them match the keywords they entered. Walmart listings, like websites, must follow all SEO guidelines to the letter in order to rank at the top of search results for the correct keyword. We call this e-commerce content optimization.

If your product has a high rating on Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard, it will appear higher in search results, allowing you to reach more customers.

Sellers can earn a Pro Seller badge, which Walmart describes as a mark of excellence given to top-performing marketplace sellers with consistently high listing quality scores. By earning this badge, you’ll have a better chance of landing in the Buy Box, outranking your competitors, and increasing consumer trust in your brand.

Now here are the ways you can handle your Walmart listing optimization:

Content Optimization & Discoverability

Content is the king. Optimizing your listing title is the first step in getting a high listing quality score.

When creating a product title, the goal is to include as many relevant details as possible while still keeping it short. Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard will give you feedback so you know the ideal length of your specific product. The optimal title length varies from category to category. Walmart’s best titles are often condensed versions of longer works that would do well in other online marketplaces. Another important factor in Walmart listings’ conversion is the description. Keywords, complexity, and description length are all important considerations in product content optimization, along with the title.

High Quality Images

Each of your listings should have a minimum of six high-resolution photos. Low-quality images can scare away potential customers and cause Walmart to devalue your listing.

The Right Offer

This includes things like pricing and order fulfillment. Walmart values timely shipping and competitive pricing just like any other retailer. The latter is a cornerstone of the company’s global brand, so managing your catalogue across multiple channels should be a top priority. Also, always maintain a steady supply of inventory. Make sure your product is never out of stock.

Customer Reviews

User feedback and ratings also affected your listing’s quality and ranking. Having high-quality products, thorough listings, and excellent customer service all help generate positive organic reviews.


In the long run, how your products appear on Walmart’s search results and how much money you make can affect both by how you list your products there. Customers must be able to locate your product listing.. if they want to buy it. It should include the keywords that customers used to search for the product in your Walmart product listings. In addition, it must display the information in a search engine-friendly manner according to Walmart guidelines for descriptions, features, and images. The higher your product ranks on Walmart, the better your Walmart product listings will look and perform.

So, you’ve come to the right place if you need help with Walmart listing optimization for your brand. eZdia can help you boost your brand’s visibility on while also increasing traffic and conversion.

Improve the listing score of your Walmart product pages to increase their ranking and conversions.