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Issue Number 36

Volume vs. Value Optimization

The SEO for eCommerce Mistake Most Mak

If you Google “SEO for eCommerce,” it’s easy to find lots of instructive articles on the differences between traditional SEO techniques and SEO for eCommerce, but most of these articles fail to imagine much more than a keyword’s…

Issue Number 35

2021 eCommerce Predictions

Five eCommerce Threats and How You Should React

Most eCommerce thought leaders see an acceleration in digital commerce trends as consumers navigate a post-pandemic world. The eCommerce industry just experienced a “fast-forward” of sorts that leaves many sites in “catch up” mode…

Issue Number 34

Manufacturing Good Product Reviews

Improve the Ratio of “Good” Reviews with One Small Change

The most valuable content on any product detail page is that “good review” that raves about your product and gives site visitors enough confidence to overcome any concerns. Alternatively, too many “bad reviews” and an otherwise eager buyer…

Issue Number 33

Marketplace Optimization

Amazon’s Free Search Volume Research Tool

eCommerce sites guard their internal data very closely. As much as we would like to understand the search volume for every keyword on every eCommerce site, that data doesn’t exist. And yet virtually all eCommerce sites give some…

Issue Number 32

Conversion Content

Convert Reviews into Orders

Sales Reps have been selling the same way for hundreds of years. They present their product’s features and benefits and then begin a process to probe for objections. Once identified, they focus on overcoming those objections before ultimately…