PIMs & Feeds - Issue 51

Your PIM is Nothing Without This Secret Ingredient

It’s amazing how much effort goes into putting product information management (PIM) software in place. These are typically multi-month projects that require a ton of people, effort  and financial resources to set up.

PIMs are only as good as the quality of its secret ingredient: product content.

This is an obvious inclusion and yet the investment level in the platform often exceeds the investment in the content itself.

Think of a PIM as a bank. Its true value only emerges when you have money to put in the bank. Like a bank, a PIM is a secure platform designed to house and protect your content.

Here’s a product content checklist to improve the value of your digital assets.

  • Attribute Research. Attributes are the structured data that aligns a field name (Example: width & length) with a value (Example 5 inches x 7 inches). This puts the content into context. Attributes need to be organized, prioritized and typically deeper than most sites provide.
  • Content Customization. If you are throwing in content that someone else created, you can count on being duplicative and not well targeted to your site. Unique product content that aligns well with your customers is going to have more authority and ultimately perform better. Leveraging a PIM to create competitive content is the content equivalent of the bank’s compound interest.