Near Me Searches - Issue 53

The Fastest Growing Search Trend

The days when the yellow pages were the largest book most of us  owned are long gone. Today’s local directory is a search engine, and businesses with a local component want to not only connect their site to “near me” searches but they also want to attempt to broaden their geographic relevance. According to Google, “near me” searches have more than doubled every year for the last few years.

eZdia worked with an eCommerce client that ran a nationwide delivery service and they needed to dominate the “near me” searches across the country. The client had already created 1500 pages for the US’s largest cities, but the content was not their best effort and was largely duplicative from one city to the next. Despite the fact that no one loved this content, it was clearly performing.

The challenge was whether they could generate enough incremental traffic to justify the cost of making the content better. To lift traffic eZdia built a “content bridge” to create content based on the city’s historic connection to the client’s product category.

The approach ended with about 200 words of descriptive content that quickly became the authoritative page for any search that combined the geography with the product category.

We compared a control group with the old content against the new content and saw an incremental 70% in organic traffic but an even higher 134% increase in sales revenue improvement over the control group.

The client was insistent that the content be fun to read and even a little irreverent to align with their brand image. The research, the irreverence and the writing all managed to work and created a clear growth path for the client’s content strategy.