Brand Edition 2

eCommerce is changing Branding Strategies

Brands and Product Manufacturers understand the importance of helping their eCommerce channel partners sell more. Today there are great platforms to help push the latest version of photographs, descriptions and specifications directly to an eCommerce partner, but unfortunately this content typically falls short of what eCommerce sites need.

The one-size-fits-all approach to product content doesn’t work for eCommerce. The best sites want unique content that is optimized for the site’s search algorithm, competitively crafted and most importantly, they want product content that is optimized for the way their site visitors actually shop.

eCommerce sites are happy to use manufacturer supplied content as a baseline, but then they proceed to rewrite that content in order to sell more. This involves a fair amount of homework from competitive and keyword research to studying the product reviews to understand how to get a click to that buy button. These strategies raise visibility, improve buyer engagement and drive more purchase conversions.