Brand Edition 3

Leverage the strength of the eCommerce sites that sell your products

eCommerce sites succeed because they are good at generating traffic and giving them the products that they want to buy. While most brands are quick to pop up when someone searches for the brand name, unfortunately fewer than 30% of buyers start a search with a brand name. Product manufacturers have an opportunity to go beyond their “brand visibility” and optimize their content for non-branded terms.

The challenge, however, is that when you begin to optimize for non-branded search phrases, the list of possible terms grows exponentially. The solution is to identify the non-branded terms that are most relevant and integrate these terms with your product content, but the trick is to vary these phrases as you customize content for each partner eCommerce site.

If your brand, for example, is “Snickers” your keyword strategy should include non-branded phrases like “afternoon snack”, “chocolate bar” and “best candy bar”. By incorporating transactional frequently searched non-branded terms, and using different phrases on different partner sites, Brands have the ability to expand their organic footprint across a broader range of purchase terms.