Keywords You Shouldn’t Use - Issue 57

Keywords You Shouldn’t Use

There is no specific list of keywords you shouldn’t use, but if ALL you know about a keyword is its high average monthly search volume, you should avoid optimizing for the word.

High search volume is obviously a great keyword characteristic but search volume by itself is not enough to justify selecting a specific keyword.

Search volume definitely plays a bigger role outside the world of eCommerce, but our task is not about traffic, it’s about customers—or at least traffic that converts.

Keywords are sometimes segmented as either Informational or Transactional. Informational keywords tend to have a higher search volume but Transactional keywords usually have a higher value.

Keyword relevance is obviously the single most important criteria for any keyword research effort, but pay attention to the keyword’s average cost-per-click. The higher the value, the more likely it’s a term with conversion strength. Then, target these phrases by improving your product page content’s ability to connect with these high-value keywords. You should see your  paid search costs drop and your performance improve.

There are no bad keywords unless they don’t convert!