Use Cases

Migrating a large product catalog to a new PIM is an extremely challenging situation under regular circumstances, but adding all the product clean-up, re-categorization, missing and incomplete data just made it too much of a mess and we needed help before importing to our new system. Not only did eZdia come through for us, but they beat an aggressive timeline to do it.

JasonHowie, CVS Merchandising Operations
  • 11 Years as a Certified Walmart Solution Partner
  • Over 1 Million pages optimized directly for Walmart
    SEO Team
  • Over 300 1P/3P Sellers/Brands using the
    Sales Optimization platform
  • WFS & Walmart Connect Partners
  • Complete Walmart sales strategy, support and services
  • Amazon migration specialists (bring your success to


  • Key partner building and growing the Walmart Marketplace
  • Key partner migrating hundreds of
    Amazon sellers to Walmart
  • 11 Years as direct Amazon project partners
    • Across 20 languages
    • Search landing page QA, auditing & annotation
    • Product Catalog categorization, auditing
  • Brand/Seller consulting, set-up & sales optimization
  • Product content, A+, buying guide production


  • Key partner in helping Amazon win
    over 50% of all product search
  • eZdia crowdsourcing provided
    project scalability equal to
    Amazon’s global objectives
  • Cleaned, Optimized and Migrated the CVS Product Catalog from ATG to Stibo
  • Strategic consulting for SEO, Search product, PDP Style Guidelines, Image Production
  • Spanish language style guide creation & PDP item set-up
  • Content health scorecarding & compliance reporting


  • Increased site searchability, traffic
    and sales
  • Cut catalog migration from 12 to 6
  • Created internal content scorecarding system to identify product content gaps & opportunities

eZdia’s AI Optimizer is a fast, inexpensive & accurate game

changer that improves your ability to attract,

engage, and convert visitors into customers profitably.



Data Driven Page Updates

  • Auditing, collecting and building rich product attributes
  • Generating rich, channel-specific product listings
  • Monitoring, alerting & reporting for channel compliance & performance
  • Automatically updating your pages for seasonality, events, campaigns & more

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Can’t I just create AI content on my own?
eZdia uses a proprietary system that’s engineered to incorporate the most important component of eCommerce content. eZdia uses specific AI inputs that include your existing product content, your customer reviews, keyword research, and the style guide and have trained out platform to specifically deliver enhanced eCommerce content. While AI is effective at generating a first draft, it’s eZdia’s experienced team of content editors takes the AI content and provides the finishing touches to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.
Should I be worried about changing the manufacturer-supplied content?
No. eZdia doesn’t change the intent of the original content but converts it into something that is better optimized for eCommerce sales. Manufacturers and eCommerce sites have slightly different goals and your suppliers will quickly see the benefits of customizing the content.
How do I know this will work?
It’s easy and inexpensive to test the impact of implementing Managed AI Content. Simply select a sample of products. We’ll split that list in half updating the descriptions, titles, and bullets for one half while not touching the others but using the sales performance of these products as a control group. This allows us to precisely identify the ROI of incorporating Managed AI content.
How long will it take?
eZdia prides itself on being able to scale its process for any client requirement. eZdia’s CrewMachine platform is designed to allow for scale with no sacrifice to content quality. It typically takes a few weeks to calibrate with the client to make sure that the first deliverables are exactly what the client expects. Once accomplished, we set weekly goals designed to match the volumes that the client can consistently ingest.
How much will it cost?
A lot less than you might think. Every client and every industry is a little different and it does take some research to create a proposal that everyone is confident will accomplish the client’s growth goals. That said, it’s clear that since incorporating Managed AI into eZdia’s content platform, prices have fallen to less than half of what they used to cost.