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Content audit is a measure of the product page’s discoverability. Factors, such as titles, descriptions, and other pieces of information like key attributes, rich media, reviews, are used to determine the page’s quality score. The audit provides an estimate of how optimized a product page is for Walmart’s search algorithms. It is based on eZdia’s experience working with thousands of brands over the course of several years. Improving the product page’s Content Quality Score will help get an item in front of more shoppers, by increasing traffic, which will lead to more sales and conversion opportunities..

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How Your Report Will Look Like (Sample)

Content Health Analysis

Our team at eZdia has reviewed over 411 product pages belonging to Protein & Fitness category on and we have found the following content gaps, which might be blocking the growth of organic traffic and sales of these product pages.

411 Pages Analyzed on

Overall Content Health Score

Our overall content quality score is based on the product page title, product description, key features, image count, reviews, etc.

Content Gaps – Titles / Descriptions / Key Features

Other Important Page Elements

No. Of Images

Product pages with 5 or more images
provide a better user experience and have proven
to increase conversions.

No. Of Reviews

Product pages with more than
10 customer reviews show a drastic increase in customer engagement and conversions.

72 pages can be instantly updated with existing Rich Media Content
for better customer experience and higher conversions.

Enrich Your Product Content for Better Performance

Optimize the product titles and add up to 250 words of engaging and SEO friendly descriptions on your product pages.
Publish Rich Media Content along with videos, lifestyle pictures and comparison tables.
End of Sample Report

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