Brand Newsletter - #1 Edition

eCommerce is changing Branding Strategies

Every marketing textbook will tell you that a good branding strategy relies on message consistency. The design, the words and the story all define your brand and the more you reinforce your branding elements, the more likely it is to stick. But eCommerce sites demand unique, original product content that’s customized to the site and the customer.

eCommerce sites see duplicative content (the same product description on multiple sites) as a missed opportunity to attract buyers. What eCommerce sites want is unique content that’s targeted to the way their shoppers shop.

Brands now recognize that one-size-fits all product descriptions no longer support their eCommerce partners. The overwhelming majority of buyers don’t start their search with a branded phrase and as a result, branding strategies have to take a back seat to well optimized content that is designed to attract shoppers, engage them during the buying journey and ultimately convert them into a sale. Once these objectives are accomplished, then it’s fine to sprinkle a little branding on top!

There is nothing wrong with the traditional branding strategies but instead of a one-size-fits all approach to product descriptions, brands should use a flexible approach that allows for some level of customization designed to connect the brand to the eCommerce shopper.