eCommerce Content Writing Services

eZdia helps companies design and scale their product, category and long-form eCommerce content strategies. While eZdia offers custom content solutions, the services below are the most popular.

Return on Content Spend
Proof of Concept

Sites that haven’t yet measured the ROI of a content infusion should start here. This approach is designed to help design, test, optimize and quantify a profitable content strategy.

Content Scaling

For companies with an established product content budget, this service is designed to help scale the research and production of high-quality eCommerce content. eZdia focuses on customizing content to the client’s brand voice and delivering consistency at scale.

Professional eCommerce
Writer’s Network

It’s not enough to just write a bunch of keyword rich words. eZdia manages a Professional eCommerce Writer’s Network that is tested and evaluated based on their ability to write effective eCommerce content that engages and converts while writing to the client’s style guide.

Data Annotation

Data Scientists at eCommerce
companies and beyond need help managing big data and building training data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems. eZdia offers low cost data-labeling services using its Intelligent Automation technology.