Create Competitive Content - Issue 48

Create Content That’s Better Than Your Competitors’

Search engines and Marketplaces use a range of techniques to determine which products to present first for any given keyword search. Here are a few simple steps to help you analyze your competitors’ product content.

  • Headlines. This is the most important real estate on the product page. What keywords have your competitors incorporated? Will you follow or will you break away with your keyword strategy?
  • Bullets. The bullets should read like a product priority list. Do your competitors have 3 to 5 bullets? Are they in the right order? Can you spot a weakness you can exploit?
  • Descriptions. The most common mistake that a competitor might make is to fail to address potential customer objections. Can you discern other weaknesses? How many words of content do they have relative to your site?
  • Images. Do you have at least as many images as your competitors?

Search engines and Marketplaces don’t just read your content. These sites measure how users interact with your content and your competitors. Search today is less about a static algorithm and more about delivering an experience customized to the customer. Deliver better content that customers value and watch your products rise to the top.