Center of the eCommerce Universe - Issue 47

Humans Discover the Center of the eCommerce Universe

What’s the central axis that the eCommerce universe revolves around? It’s the CUSTOMER. And the challenge is making that link between humans and eCommerce sites.

The human link to eCommerce is always through the product CONTENT. Quite literally, the eCommerce product content is the neuron bridge into the customer’s brain.

Ask most eCommerce experts how much time they spend thinking about the product content and they will probably lie to you. Few think enough about the impact of product content. The truth is that most are scared to experiment with the content and its ability to drive incremental revenue.

Solid eCommerce content needs to meet three distinct objectives.

  1. Attract prospective customers.
  2. Engage those people. Hold their attention, address their questions and give them purchase confidence.
  3. Finally, motivate the shopper into action to get them to hit that Buy Button.

If the photos, the headline, the bullets, the meta description, the reviews and the product description are the primary way to connect with customers, then it makes sense to build a systematic process that tests and optimizes the content strategy to get more acquisition, more engagement and more conversions.

The truth, however, is that it’s hard to travel to the center of the eCommerce universe. Generating, testing and measuring content strategies is challenging in its own way, but improving the customer connection can have a dramatic impact on the site’s success.