Category Content - Issue 52

Are Your Category Pages Using This Conversion Technique?

The category page is the backbone of most eCommerce sites. People that know exactly what they want typically search by brand or even model, but if you can gain a buyer earlier in their process, you have a chance to suggest specific product solutions.

Most category pages have a breadcrumb, some attribute facets and a list of products. But Google may have trouble understanding the page in context. Adding category descriptions that are rich in high-volume keywords will help connect users to the site, but this same content helps also increase the quality of the visitor.

We took a site with no category content and these pages quickly more than doubled the organic traffic to the page (up 138%), but that ultimately was less important than a 51% improvement in the conversion rate.

The most sophisticated sites don’t just stop at their site’s taxonomy but create query-based pages with both products and content designed to match exactly how customers shop for products.