Biggest eContent Mistakes - Issue 46

The Biggest Brands Make the Biggest eContent Mistakes

In the early days, the industry thought of product content differently. The eCommerce sites knew it was essential and most brands thought of it as a “cost” instead of the opportunity that it really is.

Ownership ultimately settled with the brands, but today most of them use a one-size-fits-all approach to product content. They create it once and share it broadly. While good content is better than no content, it’s not as valuable to eCommerce sites as good content that’s customized to their site.

Brands would be smart to customize every product description for every eCommerce channel partner. eCommerce companies don’t want the same content their competitors are getting and they have long known the value of presenting unique content to the search engines.

So are the brands still viewing this as a cost? How about seeing it as the missed opportunity to orchestrate the keyword strategy for their products? By customizing the content, brands have an opportunity to expand their keyword footprint and broaden the product’s relevance for more search queries.