The Big SEO Lies - Issue 56

Lie #1: You Should be Happy About Your Improved Ranking

It’s a lie! Ranking improvements are not an eCommerce outcome—more sales are. SEO for eCommerce doesn’t lend itself well to an average rank metric when it’s that dollar metric that eCommerce managers care about.

Here are the problems with rank tracking: Unless you’re on page one, your success is likely to be revenue-free. We know that more than half of all clicks go to the first result and something like 90% of clicks go to page one results—so it’s page one or bust!

The Right Metrics

The right metrics for eCommerce require shifting the center of gravity from a keyword-centric analysis to a page-level analysis. A page-level analysis measures the total organic traffic to the page while a keyword-centric analysis presumes you know exactly how your customers will find your site. With page-level analysis you don’t get all the color that comes with a keyword query, but if the goal is to optimize revenue, a page-level approach is the better choice.