Best eCommerce Salesperson - Issue 45

Your Best eCommerce Salesperson is Not Human

The very best salespeople don’t happen by accident. They’re armed with a mountain of marketing materials from messaging to sales tools to help show off the product. While this human salesperson is missing from most eCommerce sites, that’s no reason not to use the same tactics. That said, most stop short of using this sure-fire closing tactic.

Here’s the situation. The salesperson presents the products and waits to read the customer’s reaction. Next, sales will listen carefully to objections and probe the customer trying to uncover any lingering objections. Then they pounce on the objection. The best salespeople have heard the objections dozens of times and know how to quickly overcome that objection. Why don’t eCommerce sites offer similar strategies?

A salesperson can keep their objection strategy fully sheathed during the interaction and deploy this weapon only when the customer hits the trip wire and utters the objection.

eCommerce lacks the same interaction as retail, but no commissioned salesperson could survive on an eCommerce manager’s single-digit conversion rate. Sites should test proactively, raising and overcoming common objections. Look to your Customer Review Content to identify likely objections and quote those reviews to credibly overcome any concerns.