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  • 8 years of partnership with amazon
  • 12 countries and 6 languages supported
  • 8 million product pages reviewed for quality
  • over 15k product descriptions written
  • Understanding Amazon’s A10 Algorithm to be on Top Rankings:

    What is Amazon A10 Algorithm?

    Amazon has its own proprietary search algorithm that determines what products rise to the top of search results. Previously called Amazon A9, Amazon A10 works pretty much the same way

    Amazon’s A9 and A10 are very similar, but the biggest difference is that “buyer’s search holds more relevance than it did before”. This means that shoppers now are shown more relevant information to what they are seeking instead of what others think they should be looking for.
    Factors that affect top rankings on amazon

    Why You Should Get Professional Product Copy?

    Listings on Amazon are very different from products uploaded on other eCommerce platforms. Each product listing entails precisely entering product-specific information on pre-defined templates. From product ID to SKU’s, titles, bullets, and product description to primary keywords, backend or hidden keywords, and category-specific information – everything should be 100% accurate. If not, the chances of product listings being suppressed or flagged for revision increases

    Boost Your Sales With eZdia’s Professional Amazon Services

    Amazon A+ Page Creation

    With amazon A+ pages, you can describe your product features in a different way by including enhanced images, text placements, and telling a unique brand story which results in higher conversion rates, sales & traffic.

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    Craft Compelling Copy to Increase Conversions.

    Great Copywriting is the key to selling more in the eCommerce world. Using proven tactics, it’s possible to boost conversion rates and get a feel of a salesman selling your stuff 24*7. Without good copywriting, it’s possible to generate traffic still, but not sales.

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    Optimize Product Listings With High-Value Keywords

    Amazon users are extremely purchase-focused. They enter the search term for what they want and check out. Since they aren’t there to search randomly, it is essential that the copy speaks the language that users are searching for.

    Product Image Enhancement.

    We create high-quality visual content from existing digital assets which will help boost engagement, establish credibility, and most importantly, improve conversion rates. Online shoppers will depend on the information you provide – both in words and in images – to help them decide whether or not to place the order.

    Advertising Optimization

    We help brands and sellers maximize their presence on the largest eCommerce platform in the world by promoting products to interested shoppers. We help you plan, optimize and grow your Amazon results by implementing effective Sponsored Brand Ads campaigns (formerly called Headline Search Ads) and Sponsored Product Ads which lead to higher conversion rates boosting sales and rankings.

    What Makes us different?

    Data Driven

    We use our in-house platform to assess the content health score by benchmarking it on various parameters. This helps identify gaps and brings the best results for your listings.

    Maximize Your Keyword Coverage

    We craft the copies that carry all the relevant product keywords and their variations, addressing all angles of search visibility that makes them appealing, readable and picked up easily by Amazon’s A10 algorithms.

    Boost Your

    We use impeccable, sales-driven language that drives conversions by focusing on key product features. Moreover, the listings that we produce include complete competitor analysis as a setup so your product page poles in a position to dominate the amazon SERP.

    Here’s What We Can Do for You

    After successfully working with many of the top eCommerce companies, we have built an elite system that creates, optimizes and executes your product listings on Amazon with a click of a button. Our specialized Amazon copywriters dive deep into the Amazon seller listings by doing extensive research on competitors, market, product and keywords to understand the target audience better. The rest is pure high-quality copywriting, relevant product keywords that drive your conversion rates and increase your organic rankings and sales on the Amazon marketplace.
    Welcome Call

    Welcome Call

    At first, we believe in providing a world-class customer experience and maintaining a fruitful relationship with our customers. Once you connect with us, we will have a quick call with you to understand all details regarding your business and will try to get an overview of your requirements and expectations and solve any queries that you may have.

    SEO for Amazon

    Understanding the Amazon algorithms and learning the way SEO works on Amazon is a critical step to prepare the best product listing for you. Using our nearly a decade of experience with Amazon, we will devise a game plan to prepare the content, which is in-line with Amazon’s SEO algorithms. Here we mention keywords, rich product titles and bullet points and the scope of keyword coverage.

    Keyword Research to Identify Relevant Search Terms

    Keyword Research to Identify Relevant Search Terms

    Once we identify the keywords, we use multiple approaches to create a list of those compiled keywords. From looking at Amazon’s internal auto-suggestion queries to identify every competitor listing individually and then using our powerful research tool, we make sure that no stone is unturned.

    Identifying Key Product Titles and Features

    Armed with the above-mentioned details, our experienced copywriters will get to work. Starting with the product title, we will craft your key product features, ensuring throughout the process that they are highly optimized for conversions with the relevant keywords inserted in the copy. The copy is in line with the category-specific product guidelines as published by amazon.

    Identifying Key Product Titles and Features
    Copy That Answers Customer Queries

    Copy That Answers Customer Queries

    A general problem with most of the low sales issues are due to not providing detailed, accurate product information. As part of our Amazon optimization services, we will write an information-rich product description for each listing that will answer all your shopper’s questions and eventually increase your orders.

    Building Amazon A+ Content

    If you are registered with Amazon Brand Registry, we will be happy to work with you on A+ content. In addition to high-quality descriptive text, we will optimize your images by giving you expert feedback and suggestions.

    Building Amazon A+ Content
    Backend Search Terms

    Backend Search Terms

    We don’t stop after preparing the listing text. Instead, we go the extra mile and provide you with all relevant backend search terms for your products, which is a factor that many sellers get wrong. Our copywriters are well-trained in the process and ensure that you don’t fall into this category. Our systematic and strategic approach ensures that your listings are targeted for conversions, even on the backend!


    Once our expert writers complete the copy, we pass it on to the approval stage by sharing the copy with your team so that we aren’t missing anything before the listing goes live on Amazon. Our team will be in touch with you, updating you on the status of your listings through emails, client meetings and phone calls.

    eZdia was a very professional company. They did high-quality work in a clear timely manner. We utilized their skills to assist us with Amazon. We intend to use them again in the near future as the need arises. I would highly recommend
    Tim Hoffman

    Partner, Vita Sciences,

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