Amazon Product Listing Services

  • 8 years of partnership with amazon
  • 12 countries and 6 languages supported
  • 8 million product pages reviewed for quality
  • over 15k product descriptions written

They say that anything that can be measured can be made better. The same goes for how Amazon lists products and how they can be optimized. Sellers products’ performance, customer retention, and perceived value depend on how well you measure and improve the results of your work.

eZdia is ready to help seller partners grow their businesses by making it easier to sell by stepping up Amazon’s complex algorithms.
It is imperative for every seller to analyze the sales and performance data to understand what is working and not working for them. This is exactly where our platform comes into action and with the help of connecting with the Amazon Seller Central we will be able to help sellers in 3 simple steps:

Analyze: First, find problems with their products in terms of their content, inventory, and advertising. eZdia does this by giving information about brand’s content health, conversion rate, competitive pricing, and other metrics that will help sellers manage their listings in a holistic way. They get a free report on the performance of the product/s on Amazon.

Optimize: Once we’ve found the most important problems, we’ll be able to work on optimizing SKUs. Based on the suggestions, we make, change, and publish better brand content for the Amazon seller account. This content is more relevant to their customers, brings in more traffic and makes selling on Amazon easier.

Track: We make it easy to keep track of Amazon seller account. Dashboards and weekly reports help us keep an eye on all of the products. With this information at hand, the seller can figure out if there are any problems that need to be fixed in order for the product to move forward. Also, the most important part of analyzing SEO performance is keeping track of keyword rankings with a reliable search rank tracking tool. This allows the sellers to figure out how changes to the site’s content and links affect its rankings over time. We can keep track of keyword positions every week or even every day to keep an eye on how keywords are doing in search engine results pages and report on it.


With eZdia’s cutting-edge technology and ability to handle and process large amounts of data for its customers, sellers get long-term and short-term performance analysis of their Amazon products on a regular basis, which is very helpful. If we knew ahead of time that a product on Amazon wasn’t going to work well, we could avoid a disastrous failure and get a quick return on our investment. This is one of the most important parts of eZoptimizer that increases the efficiency of the process.

In short, when something isn’t working, we help sellers change their priorities. With our helpful and ground-breaking success reports, we keep track of how each Amazon listing is doing. eZdia will give a detailed report of everything the sellers need to know about the growth of their Amazon business, including keyword rankings, conversion rate, organic traffic, and the return on investment (ROI) from SEO traffic.

eZdia was a very professional company. They did high-quality work in a clear timely manner. We utilized their skills to assist us with Amazon. We intend to use them again in the near future as the need arises. I would highly recommend

Tim Hoffman

Partner, Vita Sciences,