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Engaging and original product content sits at the heart of every eCommerce website’s strategy to attract, engage and convert site visitors into paying customers. eZdia collects the data needed to create targeted, keyword-rich content that includes all the key info a buyer needs to place an order with confidence.
eZdia provides a full-service Managed AI Content Platform that allows clients to leverage the benefits of generative AI but also achieve the content quality that only human editors can bring. The days of manufacturer-supplied one-size-fits-all content that’s duplicated across the internet is no longer enough to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

It was critical that we scale our product catalog to meet customer demands and deliver at a competitive price-point. eZdia helped us quickly acquire accurate data, create product style guides, and enhance our product content to optimize the shopper experience.

Queenie Chau
Manager of Merchandising Operations at RenoRun

I was very excited to form a strong partnership with eZdia in order to leverage their content expertise. They were able to quickly identify, fill and enrich our (missing) product attributes and create unique groupings for our Universal Style ID database. This helped us save time and money in delivering a unified customer experience.

Sophia Tsao
Chief Digital Officer at Fashionphile

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Managed AI eCommerce Content


Crew Machine Al provides the content workflow, research, copy & image production tools needed to beat your competitors across the digital shelf, plus embeds real merchant experts to ensure your projects are done on-budget, on-brand and on-time.

Generative AI Integration

eZdia has engineered its AI processes to incorporate eCommerce best practices and competitive insight to generate original, sales focused content.


eZdia’s team of eCommerce content experts manage the entire content production process that includes strategic research data acquisition, product enrichment, image production, taxonomy, SEO and other products and/or services that are designed to win customer engagement, search and sales.

How it Works:

The Managed AI Solutions Process

  1. eZdia works with its client to develop a content style guide
  2. eZdia’s Managed AI platform incorporates the client style guide, product information, data collection, keyword research, image and customer reviews, and even competitive content to develop first-draft product and catalog content.
  3. Merchant centric eCommerce Content Editors review, rewrite, and QA all content providing a client accountability point in the AI and/or human production process.
  4. eZdia scales the process to the client’s requirements.

Typical eZdia Use Cases:

Optimize entire product catalogs for search & sales performance
Audit & scale search landing page programs
Build high-quality data sets for Al/Machine learning teams
Audit, collect & enhance entire product catalogs to increase search and sales performance
Product catalog audits, clean-up and taxonomy updates for major PIM migrations and/or new site launches
Identify, acquire and/or build missing product attributes to increase the sales performance of top sellers and high margin items
Audit and review millions of dynamically created search landing pages for product and search relevancy(tuning for Machine Learning teams)
Build seo strategies for large scale content programs that consistently beat PPC alternatives
Annual programs to enrich up to 20,000 product descriptions per month for top 5 retailers
Tag, build, annotate millions of images for large marketplace teams
And much more… challenge us!

And much more… challenge us!

The ROI of AI

The best eCommerce merchants know that original product content is the only content with any SEO value and yet 90%+ of sites today simply use duplicative manufacturer-supplied product content. eZdia’s testing shows that replacing duplicative content can generate up to 65 times more revenue than products with duplicative content*.

Managed AI content costs less without any drop in content quality. A one-time investment in product content can pay off for years to come.

* eZdia created an A/B test for a leading technology products eCommerce site and then compared the improvement of products with Managed AI content against a control group of products left untouched. The incremental revenue was 65x higher than the control group.

Getting Started

Want to better understand the benefits of Managed AI?

Put eZdia to the test and request your free sample content. Simply provide eZdia with a few product and/or category pages and we’ll deliver samples that demonstrate the traffic and sales power of AI driven, optimized ecommerce content.

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Quick Connect


Can’t I just create AI content on my own?
eZdia uses a proprietary system that’s engineered to incorporate the most important component of eCommerce content. eZdia uses specific AI inputs that include your existing product content, your customer reviews, keyword research, and the style guide and have trained out platform to specifically deliver enhanced eCommerce content. While AI is effective at generating a first draft, it’s eZdia’s experienced team of content editors takes the AI content and provides the finishing touches to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.
Should I be worried about changing the manufacturer-supplied content?
No. eZdia doesn’t change the intent of the original content but converts it into something that is better optimized for eCommerce sales. Manufacturers and eCommerce sites have slightly different goals and your suppliers will quickly see the benefits of customizing the content.
How do I know this will work?
It’s easy and inexpensive to test the impact of implementing Managed AI Content. Simply select a sample of products. We’ll split that list in half updating the descriptions, titles, and bullets for one half while not touching the others but using the sales performance of these products as a control group. This allows us to precisely identify the ROI of incorporating Managed AI content.
How long will it take?
eZdia prides itself on being able to scale its process for any client requirement. eZdia’s CrewMachine platform is designed to allow for scale with no sacrifice to content quality. It typically takes a few weeks to calibrate with the client to make sure that the first deliverables are exactly what the client expects. Once accomplished, we set weekly goals designed to match the volumes that the client can consistently ingest.
How much will it cost?
A lot less than you might think. Every client and every industry is a little different and it does take some research to create a proposal that everyone is confident will accomplish the client’s growth goals. That said, it’s clear that since incorporating Managed AI into eZdia’s content platform, prices have fallen to less than half of what they used to cost.