With the web, you’re always open this DiwaliThat’s right: Thanks to the Internet, your store can be open 24/7. A large number of e-commerce sites, supported by an ever increasing online customer base and the increased popularity of online shopping in general, have made e-tailing hot like never before. E-tailers can now serve their customers and sell products all day during this Diwali.


Additionally, e-commerce companies are developing their online presences and experiences to make it easier for customers to navigate their sites, browse their products and make purchases.

The online experience is actively evolving

Thus far, the penetration of e-commerce into the Indian retail industry has been low compared to markets like the US and the UK. However, e-commerce is growing at a much faster rate in India than in those markets. This rapid growth is largely driven by the greater selection and convenience offered by e-commerce websites.

With an ever-expanding online customer base, mobile technology has also risen in importance. It’s essential for e-commerce companies to optimise their platforms for mobile in order to reach mobile users.

The growing influence of social media is of major importance to e-tailers. Online sellers can use it to increase their online visibility and even to allow their customers to make easy and convenient transactions.

Big shopping days are getting bigger

Because of the increasing size of the online customer base, major players in the e-commerce industry have launched big buying days like the Big Billion Days Sale, GOSF and many more.

This year Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer and marketplace, sold more than $200 million worth of mobile phones during the five-day Big Billion Days sale, according to The Economic Times.

“Flipkart got 20 million visitors on their website in just the first 19 hours of ‘The Big Billion Days’ sale,” reported Varun Jain of The Economic Times.

Big shopping days are getting bigger


Another major Indian e-commerce portal, Snapdeal, conducted a sale of electronic goods on October 12 and announced that the sale got an overwhelming response from customers across the country.

“The company recorded an increase of 17 times in revenue and was set to cross $100 million (about Rs 651 crore) in sales by the end of the day,” reported The Economic Times.

Impress the customer or lose out

With the number of online shopping portals available today, customers have more options than ever when it comes to online shopping. And they will choose the best option.

That’s why every aspect of the customer experience, from the site content to the product descriptions to ease of use, is so crucial. E-commerce platforms need to pay special attention to each of these aspects in order to reach and convert online shoppers.

You can take the first step by developing an effective content strategy and optimising your website before this Diwali to expand your online market share.


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