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Short answer: yes. It’s common knowledge that search engines reward web pages that offer a better user experience. Web pages with content that’s not only relevant and qualitative but also simple to understand usually have better search rankings.

Search engines rank websites partially based on their ability to engage users. Search engines like Google give low priorities to web pages or sites where users fail to have a good experience.

As a result, user experience is a major factor that impacts the rankings of a site. In essence, if users can’t easily find what they need at your website, you run the risk of losing them for the long term. Take steps to make customers feel welcome and comfortable at your site.

Why is user experience important?

Why is user experience importantUser experience is a significant factor that makes or breaks the fortunes of a website or company for many reasons, including:

– Users who spend more time on a website are more likely to return again
– The more time a user spends on your site, the more chances there are for a conversion
– An enjoyable site experience results in better rankings and superior visibility
– A good user experience results in more WOM and more trust for the brand

Factors that enhance user experience

Factors that enhance user experienceThere are many ways in which a website can improve its user experience. If implemented properly, these simple changes help ensure that users have a smooth experience:

– Site Speed: Pages that load slowly tend to drive site visitors away. Users want to search for and find items quickly. An efficient website makes them more likely to stay on the site and return to it later.
– Security: This is absolutely essential. Simply put, customers trust secure sites and don’t trust unsecured ones. Security becomes even more important when the site is involved in e-commerce.
– Smooth, simplified navigation: Users visit web pages to find products or information quickly and easily. With easy-to-understand navigation and an intuitive site layout, site visitors will be able to access everything they need the first time they land on your site, resulting in an enjoyable experience. If a non-engineer can’t find his or her way around your site with ease the first time they access it, your site needs to be revised!
– Interlinking: Users don’t like to click many links to find what they’re look for. Making users click on more than a few links might drive them away from your site forever.
– Relevance: A site that isn’t clearly relevant to its targeted audience is more likely to have high bounce rates. With users leaving the site after just a few seconds, the search engine rankings will suffer.


Websites can’t afford to ignore user experience. If you want to take your business forward, make sure to keep your site as customer-friendly as possible.

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