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Experts from large Digital Marketing companies often say, “Think Global, Act Local.” There’s a lot of truth to this cliche, especially when it comes to search engines. The web might be global, but its local impact is what drives conversion, traffic and sales. Creating and executing local SEO strategy should top the charts for marketers in charge of local businesses.

Sometimes businesses miss this opportunity because they have never experienced the power of local SEO. But recently, approaching SEO at the local level has become quite popular due to the nearly instantaneous results it brings — high conversion rates, better connectivity, enhanced local traffic and an increase in mobile users.

Below are a few tips to integrate into local SEO campaigns that will drive your business growth.

Local keyword research and targeting

For improving your presence in any local marketplace, nothing is more effective than accurate local keyword research. Local keywords are usually the phrases people use to look for projects, services and companies in their proximity. For example, if you own a beauty salon in Los Angeles, in lieu of generic keywords like, “Beauty Salon”, you should focus on local keywords like “Beauty Salon Los Angeles”, or “Hair Salons in Culver City” or “Top stylists in North Hollywood” etc.


Also, your website may earn higher rankings on local keywords due to slim competition. This can generate decent traction all by itself.

After finalizing the perfect set of local keywords to target, you need to make sure they’re injected in all of your web pages. You also need a plan for creating and publishing high-quality content that makes use of your targeted terms. Don’t forget to include your business name, address and location within the content as well as the page’s meta title tag — this will help you perform well in local searches.

Local business directories

To improve your presence on the web, consider listing it in popular local business directories online. For example, Dmoz, Yahoo! directory, Botw are the most popular ones. Remember to widen your reach to include social platforms like Yelp and Facebook, since many customers search for local services there.


Just make sure to list your business in the right category and geographical location, and double-check that you’ve entered details such as the address, phone number, URL, social pages and hours correctly. People love pictures too, so if you can also post a few images of your product(s), staff and location on those directories, you’ll benefit. Having a full, accurate listing helps you generate more business, build trust with potential customers, and last but not least, helps search engines like Google associate your business website with your business location.

Google Maps business listing


According to Google, one out of every five searches is related to a location, and Google Maps/Places is a specialized search platform that focuses on local searches all around the world. If you are a small- or medium-size business targeting local customers rather than a global audience, using Google Maps/Places is a top solution to raise your business’ visibility.


There’s more. Listing your website on Google Places automatically adds your listing to Google Maps. When a search related to your business and location happens, your listing would show up on Google Maps — which is heavily utilized by mobile users. Customers could search for “leather chairs in [Alameda, California]” and then route themselves directly to your local furniture showroom. Talk about a qualified lead!

Optimize and manage customer reviews


We all know that online customers put a lot of credence in fellow users’ reviews. It’s the digital version of word of mouth but much more impactful and has a much larger reach. So, having positive reviews about your business and website can generate large volumes of traffic, not to mention more sales. Your ability to get good reviews largely hinges on your product quality and customer experience. You need to first give customers something to be so happy about that they’ll shout their satisfaction to the world, and also give the option for your customer to give sufficient online feedback about your business/services. You can even reward your customers for taking time to post good reviews about your business by offering coupons, exclusive offers, kickbacks, gifts or some other kind of reward.


Conclusion: Local SEO works. Use it. eZdia is helping out various clients in their Local SEO Strategy implementation and execution. Feel free to CONTACT US for any of your requirement related with our services!






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