link buildingHaving effective and relevant SEO link building tips for your site is essential in today’s Google dominated Internet.

The recent crackdown by Google on unnatural links in the past several years has raised the question of whether or not link building is dead for effective SEO strategies. The main reason that people may think this is true is due to Google’s definition:

“Any links that are intended to manipulate a specific site ranking in the Google search results is considered part of a link scheme.” –
Google’s Webmaster Guidelines


And don’t forget the penalty that is applied for “suspicious links,” which can be quite severe. If you have a business website that violates the guidelines set out by Google’s webmaster, chances are you will lose much more than just ranking. In fact, there are some big box retailers hit by these penalties that have lost as much as $5 million each month in natural search revenue and smaller businesses may be affected so severely that they must close their doors. The fear that Google has created due to these penalties justifies the fact that in order to remain successful online you must have an SEO link building strategy.

Some of the most effective SEO link building tips are highlighted here to help you build your link building campaign.

Utilize a Link Audit
This will be the essential first step. A link audit will require a number of SEO link building tools; however, performing this will give you insight to the strength of your link building campaign. Once you complete your audit, you will know which of the links that you have need to be removed or disavowed, which include:

  • Links that are from a domain that is not indexed in Google
  • Links that are from a website that contains a virus or malware warning
  • Links that are on the same page as unrelated links
  • Links that are on a page with the Google PageRank that is a gray bar or zero
  • Links that have origins in link networks
  • Sitewide links
  • Paid links

If you have any of these types of links, they should be removed right away.

Relevant Links
Your next essential tip in your arsenal of SEO link building tips is to ensure that you are only building relevant links for your website. You can do this by ensuring that you meet the way that Google determines whether or not a link is trustworthy, including:

  • Deciphering the topic or contest of the target document;
  • Delivering relevant information in the proper contest;
  • Sort out any link spam.

In order to ensure that your links are relevant, you can also use the following tactics:

  • Use of in-depth reviews of products or services that are noteworthy
  • Using free SEO link building tools that provide you with prime targets for your link outreach
  • Creating curated content
  • Niche microsites that are dedicated to a specific niche or topic

Using these SEO link building tips you will be able to ensure that your site avoids the somewhat excessive penalties from Google.

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