Local SEOThere was a time, not long ago, when consumers visited a site, found a product or chose a service, and bought it without thinking twice. Times have changed. Buyers have options galore, and thus, they take their time before making a final purchasing decision. Simply put, consumers approach the web with a changed worldview and they don’t buy easily.

To understand the current situation better, let’s have a look at some research data:

  • Some 90% of customers make buying decisions based on online reviews.
  • Over 80% read reviews before making any concrete decision to buy.
  • About 65% of consumers will read at least five or six reviews before making a purchase.
  • 9 out of 10 customers go on and buy products in the influence of positive online reviews.
  • 8 out of 10 customers don’t buy after reading negative reviews.

These statistics indicate a massive shift in the behavior of customers in regard to their online purchases. They also confirm that the level of awareness and usage of information available digitally is growing in day-to-day decision making. In this day and age, more factors than ever impact consumers’ decisions.

Role of online reputation management in brand building

local business optimizationFrom the above, it’s apparent that a good online reputation has multiple benefits while a bad one can hurt the prospects of a business immensely. Therefore, it’s important for your brand, product or service to get reviewed positively.

This is where your SEO strategy becomes important. The dynamics of search engine optimization have to align with the need of the business and look to boost the brand via positive branding and reputation management.


Importance of online reviews for positive reputation

Online reviews are now a major ranking factor; search engines give them more weight than ever before. In fact, they command a 10% share of the total factors of rankings and therefore are a vital tool for your SEO strategy.

Positive online reviews benefit your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Consumers love reading online reviews
  • They provide information and more ideas about your products or services
  • They influence buying decisions
  • Reviews enhance your connection with your target audience


A positive online reputation benefits a business in many ways, none as noticeable as encouraging sales. A negative online reputation may be discouraging and impact revenue in the short run, but they provide a brand with an opportunity to introspect and adjust strategy. It’s always wise to focus your SEO strategy on online reviews and comments.


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