Despite most e-commerce websites pushing product descriptions to the bottom of their product pages, a rich and detailed description is among the most customer sought-after content on a product page.

Even if your product images look amazing, 99% of the first-time visitors will have queries about the product specifications. A rich product description can help answer many of these questions.

 Wherever possible, try to have an original content and a really unique value ad, in your product descriptions. – Matt Cutts, Head of Search SPAM at Google.

The Recipe for Rich Product Description

The word content no longer refers to text on a page. A rich product description includes product specifications, manufacturing information, use information, alternate images, customer reviews and much more.

Here’s a great example of a well coordinated rich product description:


Creating Rich Product Description Pages

Creating Rich Product Description Pages


A rich product description should include the following (in order of importance)

1. Product Title: Unique & Keyword Rich

Under 70 characters, rich in keywords, readable and unique to the product

A few examples:

  1. Bad Title: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 1317 AT&T Android Smartphone
    – Good Title: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone, White
  2. Bad Title: Dell Silver 11.6″Inspiron 3148 2-in-1 Laptop PC
    – Good Title: Dell Silver 11.6” Laptop with Intel Core I3

2. Product Features Snippets

Most of the products, particularly from Electronics category, have at least 6-10 features that are crucial for the buyers and can affect their buying decisions instantly. The product description must speak about those features clearly in short snippets that are skimmable.

Example: Smartphone: Display, camera, sound and battery life are most important.

Small Snippets for Product Feature Description

Small Snippets for Product Feature Description

3. Feature Callouts to Highlight Specifications

Highlighting specifications using feature callouts can increase content efficiency and reader comprehension.

Example: Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone: Quad HD display (2560X1440)


4. Feature Images

Alternate images, beyond the standard featured product image can helps customers look closer at the features that are important to them. Include images that show scale, features, and lifestyle images to help them imagine themselves using the product.

Feature Images for effective product descriptions

Feature Images for effective product descriptions

5. Video and Text Reviews

Customer reviews in the form of a video, written review or simple rating gives browsing customers confidence in the products use and features, and can significantly influence the conversion rate.

Remember, the rich product descriptions help convey the value of the product while educating the customer on features, design and specifications. It’s worth the effort to design a content creation process that accounts for providing the most important components of a rich product description. 

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