Pinterest Marketing StrategyFounded in 2010, Pinterest is among the top 40 most-visited sites on the Internet today. Its user base is nearing the 75 million mark, and according to a recent study, over 90% of its users have shopped online. Additionally, another study says that Pinterest users earn 9% more than the average Internet user.

In a relatively short time, Pinterest has established a solid presence among both individuals and businesses. From the above numbers, its growing popularity as a social platform is obvious, as well as its importance to enterprises.

As social media becomes integral to the success of a business, the arrival of a unique sharing platform bodes well for the industry at large. It’s time to include Pinterest in your marketing strategy.

Why Pinterest?

Why PinterestPinterest is much more than most other social platforms. It’s the ideal marketing channel. Let’s see some of the reasons it’s effective for marketers:
– Nearly 75 million unique users are part of this social media platform
– It user base is largely an educated one, with women forming the majority
– A heavy majority of users are active online shoppers
– The deep engagement of the users makes it one of the most viable platforms for marketers


How a Pinterest page aids your digital marketing strategy?

A business with a Pinterest page as part of its digital marketing strategy can boost its visibility and appeal to consumers in a number of ways, including:
Pinterest Digital Marketing StrategyBacklinks to site – Backlinks are created with a good Pinterest page, and as any digital marketer knows, backlinks are incredibly valuable for SEO.
Improved social signals – With more interactivity and usages of ‘pins’, social signals are improved to further boost the ranking and visibility of a site.
Local market edge – A Pinterest presence is a great way to highlight the business locally and gain more information about the target market.
Enhanced brand visibility – A business profile can get picked up and indexed by search engines to take the brand forward. Additionally, more followers can be acquired with the use of right marketing strategies.
Posting fresh content – Being a popular social site, Pinterest is an easy way to post fresh content, like images, pages and blog posts, for increased traffic and better search engine rankings.


Pinterest is rising rapidly in terms of its reach, and its user base should intrigue marketers. It has great potential for a business and should be included in any online marketing strategy.

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