We would like to take the opportunity on International Women’s Day to thank all the women writers, project managers, marketers and leaders who have a made a difference to our customers and us. At eZdia, we work with more than 35,000 content experts across the globe on several strategic projects and more than 70% of them are accomplished women writers and leaders who have proven that the pen is mightier than the sword.

These women have written on a variety of topics in e-commerce, retail, real estate, health and more, have successfully managed strategic projects, spent hours editing and proofing content, given a facelift to brands, and kept the lights on. These women, in their own way have helped us to make a difference and create a social enterprise that we had envisioned.

eZdia’s internal leadership proudly houses three women leaders – two of them being project managers who are in the trenches with large clients to streamline content and improve the top line. These project leads have successfully managed both internal and external workforce of accomplished content experts from all around the world. Our brand officer and spokesperson who is leading the charter to position the core value of our products and services is also a woman.

We also have a fairly decent offshore operation and have a huge network of writers and editors who manage offshore customers. They understand the cultural nuances and the overall vision of the organization which is largely driven from the headquarters.  All these women are in different phases of their journey, managing multiple demands from family and work but they are making the magic happen.

These women bring a huge value system to the table for everyone to gain inspiration from. They bring a bright, creative and intuitive side which we often ignore in a rush to meet goals. They bring the perspective and sensitivity to every business situation which makes things just a little bit better and easier. They bring the strength, the love, the patience and the grit.

So, today we would like to salute them for who they are and celebrate them for just being women!

Happy Women’s Day 2016!

Women Leaders at eZdia:


Sandy McGrath, Sr. Project Lead at eZdia managing strategic projects and workforce very efficiently. Sandy is a power user of our platform – Crew Machine. All she wants to see is a smile on the customer’s face and yes, she’s usually 24/7!


 Wendy Lincoln, Sr. Project Lead at eZdia managing several e-Commerce accounts diligently and growing them consistently. Wendy is a collaborator, a disciplinarian and has been instrumental in infusing several best practices within the project team to raise the bar!


Padmini Murthy is currently managing all brand centric activity at eZdia. She has been instrumental in giving a huge marketing facelift to eZdia and launching CrewMachine, the platform which enables the content magic to happen. She also mentors a large marketing team of designers, digital marketing folks, inside sales crew and web project teams. She is usually multitasking a zillion things at home and at work but enjoys every moment of it – the ups and the downs.


Soumy Pandey, is our editor-in-charge in India working with several large marketplaces and e-commerce brands on content editing projects. She works with a large team of editors and experts and grooms them to produce quality content very successfully. She has been instrumental in growing revenue year over year from several large accounts there.


 Dana Kinzer, owner of Kinzer, LLC is a leading content expert who has engaged on several high profile projects at eZdia. Dana brings a large crew of writers to work on these projects and is well trusted for the quality. She loves to work with folks at eZdia and admires the core team for their responsiveness and down to earth attitude!

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