Negative Online Reviews And Your Business Strategy For 2016

Negative reviews are something that your business simply can’t avoid or stop from happening. They will happen, no matter how hard you try, or how big investment you do. You however should come up with a solid strategy to deal with them.

So, what should be your strategy to deal those reviews that are damaging for your brand value? Ignoring them, responding them selectively or engaging with them always…?

Before finding any answer, you should not forget that:

  • Brands that respond to bad or negative reviews win more trust of consumers than those that not.
  • A response to negative comments, in fact, is more likely to encourage more customers to buy from you than non-response.
  • A response to bad or negative reviews or comments wins you business more trust and goodwill than adopting an evasive stance.

In a sense, negative comments are something your business can’t afford not to respond. You got to have a solid strategy in place keeping in mind that engagement is always more beneficial than taking an evasive manner.

Your Strategy For Negative Reviews

Business Strategy For 2016Responding to bad or negative reviews won’t be as easy a task as it looks but what else can you do? The damage can be mitigated to some extent by adopting a solid response strategy.

Your response should take care some of these points, including:

  • First and foremost, read the review/s over and again to understand what prompted the customer/s in doing so.
  • You have to respond immediately as a delay is often assumed an evasive ploy.
  • Acknowledge the review and never miss a courtesy ‘thanks’ to the customer.
  • Always apologize for their experience, and this one aspect you can’t miss doing.
  • Never look to fuel the augment as this leads an ever-ending chain with virtually no gains to any party.
  • Never react in a manner than looks excessively defensive as the attempt should be to take the conversation towards positivity.
  • Immediately promise of a prompt action to remedy the issue.
  • Give the impression to taking the review as a tool to improve as this type of a standard response most of your customers want to hear from you.
  • If you find the matter to be sensitive and something not feasible to respond online, try taking it offline and reaching the customers there.
  • Never be evasive or try to be, and be ready to admit the mistake but never without the promise of correcting them.
  • Give some deadline for fixing the problem, and try to be in touch with them even after this first-up response.


It’s obvious that negative reviews can be damaging if not handled carefully and gracefully. However, if they can do damage, they also bring an opportunity to know some faults or leaks existing at your end. So, leverage the opportunity, patch the leak and make customers happy.

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