Content MarketingI took my son Jack to opening night at our 2014 World Champion, San Francisco Giants game a couple weeks back and we proudly took possession of our Madison Bumgarner bobble heads (why is he wearing jeans?)

For those of you who don’t know or care about baseball and wonder what this has to do with content marketing, hold tight and just know this; Not only does “MadBum” have the lowest ERA(1) in postseason history (1.01), he also became the first player in MLB history to register two wins, a shutout and a save in one World Series and he registered 0.25 ERA, the lowest of any pitcher in World Series History.(2)  Quite simply “MadBum Rocks!”


…. So, what does this teach me about Content Marketing?


1) Its How You Finish!: After being awarded everything from World Series MVP (Rikk Wilde’s awkward Chevy Award Speech), Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year and a couple dozen other awards, MadBum had started out 2015 with three pretty aweful outings, and then finally a win on Monday night. His first two games were more than rough, and just when we thought he was back in his third, he got shelled and had to leave after pitching 6 innings. My point is this… NOBODY is worried about MadBum, he’s just getting started and he will keep at it. We all have bad starts and failures, but if you keep at it, you will get better and can win big!  Content Marketing takes practice, patience, tightly honed skills, great mechanics and a little passion always helps. Keep at it!
2) Collaboration: MadBum has a great team behind him. They give him the people, tools, time and support he needs to be successful. Succeeding in the content world is just like that. You need to break down the game (departments) and collaborate with your coaches across item setup, SEO, social, digital marketing, IT, merchandising and more to get the job done in stellar fashion.  That’s how individuals become MVP’s and how the entire team wins a World Series!  I never hear the word “Silo” in baseball!


3) Mechanics:  A great pitcher continuously breaks down every nuance of his pitch and rehearses it in mind and body, so when he goes out to the mound it just comes without thinking and looks easy.  Content initiatives require the same things.  If you can build a repeatable process and have the mechanics (technology) to support you, then you can consistently deliver high quality output and make it easier and easier to produce.
4) Ball Movement:  The game is always changing and when building content you need to configure your tools, work flow, people and processes to adjust not only game to game, but pitch by pitch.  When building content, bloggers have their requirements, the ecommerce team has theirs, and the same holds true for item set-up, digital marketing, your agencies and more. eZdia is a content creation and management platform that allows all these players to adjust the tools for the way they want to work, but at the same time collaborate, deliver and manage their content as a team.

5) Don’t Be A Dodger:  Last year the Dodgers paid a ton of money for a bunch of names and expected to buy the World Series… Ha!  Companies do this all the time.  The old adage was “Nobody gets fired for hiring IBM”.  Today’s content teams KNOW better. Great new technologies and services exist to allow nimble and smart  marketers to collaborate, build content and break down barriers like never before.  If you like the idea of building excellent cross-functional content, 10 times faster and at 1/10th the price, then you should look at eZdia.



(1) In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched (i.e. the traditional length of a game). It is determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine. (


Note:  eZdia is a collaboration platform for creating, building and managing all forms of ecommerce focused image and textual content, including product and category descriptions, buyers guides, image and textual moderation, attribute gathering, SEO infusion, data enrichment and other applications, technologies and services designed to promote traffic, encourage engagement, drive conversions and analyze results.

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