Holiday ecommerce promotionsYour Halloween categories are neatly archived until next year, leaves have mostly fallen, and winter weather is settling in across the county. Know what that means?

‘Tis the season — it’s time for holiday shopping!

For many eCommerce sites and their marketing teams, holiday strategy planning began last summer. According to Experian, June is the most popular month to start holiday plans. But here we are in Q4, which is always the time for last minute changes, C-Suite requests for more envelope pushing, more promotional plans, more content, more emails, etc…

When it comes to online holiday shopping, crafting a compelling promotion and finding qualified shoppers is really important. In fact, the most effective online retailers tailor their site content, promotional plan and marketing campaigns to maximize their return during the 6 weeks or less of the busy holiday season.


Attracting Qualified Shoppers

Black Friday brings the year’s greatest discounts and, of course, draws the biggest crowds. Many online retailers maximize their presence on this day, but there are other days to consider as well. According to ComScore, the biggest online shopping day of 2013 was not Black Friday but Cyber Monday, three days later. Green Monday, which follows a week behind Cyber Monday, drew in 1.4 billion US dollars, more than 200 million dollars more than consumers spent online on Black Friday.

Biggest 2013 Online Shopping Days (via ComScore)
Cyber Monday: $1.7 Billion
Green Monday: $1.4 Billion
Black Friday: $1.1 Billion

Q4 Marketing Plans
Online consumers spent more than $46.5 billion dollars online during the holiday season last year. If your promotional calendar is still bare, your site still needs support or you are doubting your original plan – here are some new ideas to include:

1) Free shipping offers.

A survey by UPS and Comscore in early 2014 found more than 80% of online shoppers considered free shipping to be very important in their where to purchase decision.

So important, Target announced their free shipping on all orders through the season!

2) Influence conversion with videos and multi-media blog posts.

Both have shown their ability to boost conversion rates when the topics are directed at solving problems for customers. Look for product videos, step-by-step tutorials and customer review videos to be star attractions on many big eCommerce sites.

Consider creating simple product videos featuring tips for using, purchasing or maintaining your products.

3) Plan a sale.

Remember the Pareto principle from your business class days? It applies perfectly here. For most eCommerce sites, 80% of sales come from just 20% of their customers. Use this principle to help guide your sale planning. Craft offers that compel your customer base, choose popular products with margins that can tolerate a big sale and the right channel to promote your sale.

“90% of consumers plan to shop online this holiday season” PunchTab Consumer Research Series

If you are feeling crunched for time as the holiday seasonal train comes barreling down the tracks — get in touch. Our extended network of content creators and smart project management tools can help create the content you need quickly and can be easily customized to fit into your last minute budgets.


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