A new sponsored post product arrived this week.

Instagram revealed their plans for the in-stream ads in a recent blog post, and just yesterday delivered a preview of the sponsored posts new look. The preview came complete with instructions on how to spot sponsored ads, provide feedback or hide an ad

Explaining their desire for the new ad units to be creative and enjoyable, Instagram compared the new sponsored posts to the high-quality, engaging ads you’d see while flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine. 

If you live in the United States, expect to see a sponsored post in your stream within the next few months.  

Purchased media placements do have a place in your content strategy and marketing plans. As a content marketer, how can you include this new opportunity in your strategy?

1. If you haven’t set up an Instagram account for your business, take a look at the accounts of a few brands you like and get some ideas. Instagram isn’t for every business, but it’s a great way to tell the story of your business through images.

2. Make a plan for the content. A picture is worth a thousand words on instagram, but a great story or caption behind the image plus hashtags will encourage your community to engage with your posts. Both regular posts and sponsored posts have room for accompanying captions and hashtags. Paired with your goals for the channel & branding style guides, posting on instagram can quickly become your favorite place to post!

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