How-to Content the New Way to Connect With Your Audience

Do you know how to remove stains from clothes? or may be how to buy an air purifier for your home? Neither do I.

But at many point in life, we need to do all of these. Hence, we should be always equipped with the right knowledge needed for the task. Gathering information or learning how to do such things used to be quite time-consuming affairs earlier. But now time has changed. You can find out a solution to any problem instantly. All you need is a smart phone, or a tab, or a notebook and you can search your query on google.

There is a hidden message for content marketers. Content marketers often talk about engagement with audience can only happen with relevant content at the right time. But many marketers miss the mark when it comes to creating content that actually serves the needs of the target audience.Only the best content marketers can understand that the path to drive sales is to nurture engagement & relationships with potential customers. And what can a better way be to drive sales than by developing content that answers people’s questions?

According to the Google report, “nearly three million Millennials have purchased a product after having watched a brand tutorial”.

Clearly, there’s a huge opportunity in furnishing the need for “I want to”,”DIY”or “how-to” content.

Moments of intent


People are constantly connected with their smart devices & wearable and expect immediacy and relevance in moments of intent—the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy moments. Mobile has significantly changed businesses connect with customers.

“Ninety-one percent of smartphone users turn to their smartphone for ideas while doing a given task.”

Mobile technology is a huge driver here, and playing a key role in huge shift in consumer behavior.

Such micro-moments are the new domain for people’s minds, hearts and dollars. Capturing these moments and integrating them with the marketing strategy is the need of the hour. These moments of intent help you know whether someone actually needs or wants your product. When someone asks how to do something, that’s clearly a need. It means they need an assistance. If brands can address this immediate need successfully, they can surely win the badge of brand loyalty and drive sales, in turn.

Now the question arises, how can brands capitalize on the search for how-to content and how can marketers integrated this in their content marketing strategy. We shall talk about all this in our next blog. Stay Tuned!

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