Holiday Shopping Trends 2015In 2014, more than 40% of all holiday shopping took place online, according to Google. Those figures are expected to go up further in 2015 as more and more consumers use mobile devices to make purchases.

As the holiday season approaches, you need a viable digital marketing strategy to stand out in a competitive marketplace, make a connection with customers, and boost your sales. The goal should be to give more information to consumers to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

To capitalize on the holiday season, devise a content marketing strategy that aims to inform, persuade and entice customers.

What consumers want from holiday shopping?

Holiday Shopping TipsConsumers want to spend, but most want to spend sensibly. They want value for their money. Any of these benefits may help convince consumers that your brand is the place to go for good value:

– Sales or coupons are what excite shoppers the most and sometimes tempt even frugal shoppers into buying.

– Helpful buying guides and seasonal tips save potential customers time and arouse their interest.

– Holiday-themed offers will draw more attention at this time of year than a standard, run-of-the-mill promotion.

Content marketing strategies for the holiday season

Over 2.5 million blog posts go up on the web every day, which is why just creating content is not enough. A sound marketing strategy is essential to get attention from consumers. Here are some strategies to help you leverage your content:

Content marketing strategies– Build a personal connection with the consumer. Connecting to consumers on a personal level is effective. Your content should be tailored and personalized to each customer’s preferences for a unique experience.

– Present ratings, reviews and other sales-driven facts. These will enrich the customer’s shopping experience on your site.

– Go mobile. Over one-third of total online users use smartphones, and you just can’t afford to not tap into them. Make sure your content and website are optimized for mobile.

– Leverage social platforms. Social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are the new-age marketplaces. Don’t hesitate to use posts on these platforms, even paid posts, to connect to consumers and promote your brand.

– Send emails with coupon codes. Emails continue to be an excellent driver of sales. Attach a coupon code with a well-written piece of content to stir up interest in your products and services.

– Product reviews and rating videos. Video content is everywhere, and shoppers love videos. Your content marketing strategy should involve video marketing to inform and connect with potential customers.

The holiday season is the biggest shopping time of the year. However, taking advantage of elevated consumer spending in this period is more about reaching out to consumers than waiting for them to come to you. Your content marketing strategy should be devised to inform, engage and excite potential customers.

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