Guide to Writing Engaging Content for Real Estate Marketing

It’s true that, as the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. This is why buying a home remains one of the cherished goals of many people’s lives. The real estate industry exists to help the public reach that goal.

In the past, people mostly relied on the word of friends, relatives and colleagues to find a realtor or agent. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to the proliferation of information on the web. Buyers and sellers are free now to do more research, explore more sources and browse through more resources to find a reliable realtor.

Buyers and sellers also like to search online for the best real estate deals. In such searches, a blog or website with detailed information about the real estate market and real estate deals is of enormous help. Your real estate marketing strategy should involve interactive and informative content to capitalize on the huge potential of providing such information.

Why write engaging content for real estate marketing?

A well-written and informative piece of text or content can make a buyer out of the undecided. The benefits of creating engaging content for real estate marketing are many:

  • Content functions as a trust-builder for your brand; it establishes you as an expert voice and gives your statements an air of authenticity and authority.
  • Content drives organic traffic to your website by making a connection with prospective buyers and sellers and informing them about available real estate deals in the market.
  • SEO and social media sharing benefits are tapped into with the help of engaging content. Shareable, SEO-friendly content helps you access the enormous potential of search and social media traffic.
  • Content helps earn your business positive reviews, ratings and recommendations from potential clients.
  • Finally, web users looking for real estate information to make informed and sensible choices will find your content.

Tips to write engaging content for real estate marketing

  • Share client experiences. It strikes a chord among prospective clients when they read about the experiences other clients have had, the challenges they faced, and how these challenges were overcome.
  • Focus on statistics. Savvy home buyers enjoy reading trustworthy statistics related to the real estate market. Give them hard data, industry trends, real estate figures and domain numbers to inspire confidence and establish trust.
  • Focus on the niche of the market you service. To be effective, stick with the part of the real estate market you deal with.
  • Answer the how-to questions of both buyers and sellers. Even if the buyers are your first priority, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the sellers. Find ways to serve them the best you can. Try answering every possible how-to query to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Be up-to-date and active on social platforms. Tap into the viral nature of social media sites, and interact with your client base for more insight into what buyers and sellers are talking about. Never hesitate to promote yourself as a real estate expert.
  • Leverage video, photo and graphic content. Post videos with property tours, testimonials, neighborhood tours and clients’ interviews. Make slideshows and present images of properties. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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