brand loyaltyThe definition of “brand loyalty” can easily be explained as the consumer commitment to your brand and the repeated purchases customers make over a period of time. Companies strive to achieve brand loyalty with a variety of marketing and customer service strategies and tactics.

Brand loyalty can be cultivated into consumers via a number of programs, promotions and even just appealing to the consumer feelings. Content marketing can support brand loyalty by providing the needed communication channels directly to your loyal customers. It can also help tell the story of to prospects and customers past.

Following are the five secrets to boosting your brand loyalty:

1. Think outside the product. You may have heard the phrase “think outside the box” but when it comes to marketing it’s the product that needs the  attention. Successful brands need loyal customers. Brands that have successfully built loyal fans understand they aren’t just selling products but selling products that carry dreams and desires, lifestyle and status … and more. Include loyalty strategies in your product marketing strategy. This could include post-purchase follow-up communications, purchase rewards, product use tips & tricks or exclusive offers for loyal customers that will boost your brand loyalty.


2. Excel at what you do. Create a great product, deliver incredible customer service and build a relationship with your fans. Include relationship building tactics in your content marketing strategy to support this. Consider providing free trials, freebies, acknowledgments in social media, useful content and helpful information to encourage brand loyalty. Be so good at what you do that it makes your customers look good to share or be connected to your brand!


3. Be credible. When people spend money with a company, a bond is formed between the consumer and the brand; good or bad. This is a great place to build brand loyalty. The credibility of your brand is reliant on trust, engagement and your relationship with the customer. Are you listening when a customer has a bad experience? Encouraging new uses of your product? Providing new ideas or useful information to your fans? Acknowledging info sent to you from your customers? Answering or responding to questions publicly?


4. Give them a story. There has been great debate among marketers over the benefits of appealing to current and prospective customer’s feelings; we all love a great story, right? Content marketing is a great tool to reach an audience, tell a story, engage feelings and ignite emotions.


5. Communicate with the consumer. Social media makes it easy to reach, communicate, engage and encourage previous and current customers, plus prospects. Listen to conversations about your brand, participate where appropriate, build relationships, find loyal fans and gain trust.




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