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It takes a lot of content to leverage a successful content marketing initiative for an eCommerce site. Here are some fresh ideas on tried and true tactics that you could easily include in your Fall content plan.

1) Showcase how-to or new uses for your product—
Customers like to see how a product can be used. Creating content that shows off how to use your product in a blog, an image gallery or a video is fun to create, gives your creative team the chance to stretch their creative legs and online readers love it.


Two great examples of eCommerce sites creating really good how-to content– from and

Williams sonoma

Footlocker fit guide











2) Feature your customers in a Customer Success Story. Your biggest fans and brand evangelists aren’t on your marketing team, they are your customers! A Simple Video or series of blog posts featuring the voice of an real customer is so powerful. It adds personality to your brand, gives your customer a place to tell their story, plus who doesn’t love a good success story! 

Here are my favorite examples of Customer Success Stories featured in creative content:

  • ExactTarget’s success story videos gives voice to how actual business owners and employees are using their product, complete with details of how, when and what they use and successes.
  • Zappos is known for their customer service, and for the lengths they go to to provide customer satisfaction. Just search Zappos customer service on google and you’ll find a dozen heart warming stories.

3) Read your competition. Reading and analyzing your competitor’s content gives you a different perspective and good insight into into the needs of your market. Here are a few places to regularly watch:

  • Product descriptions on competitors sites and off-site partner shopping sites, like Amazon.
  • FAQ and customer service pages of competitors can give you fresh insight and inspiration on topics to include, issues to cover and concerns to plan for.
  • Social Media mentions of your brand and your competitors can give great insight into who’s talking and sharing, who to partner with and how the competition is being regarded. Tools like and Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer can help here.
  • Back link analysis can give you clues into which of the competition pages are most visited, most promoted and best optimized. Use the clues from these pages to apply to your pages that are similar in topic or use.

4) Use templated content ideas to fuel new posts. These are great for those busy days/weeks when you find it hard to get out a piece of interesting, on topic, interactive content. Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • Buying Guide: Put your product expertise to work here, by detailing all of the considerations that your reader needs to account for when purchasing your product.
  • Crowd sourced content — leverage your audience or industry for the content you need. Top 10 books I’ve read this summer, The 5 products you need in your gym bag, The best gifts for Dad are great places to start.
  • The history of … or the future of … your product. Online readers like to learn, and that includes the origins of something or your opinions on the future of something.

Bottom line for creating compelling eCommerce content — stop simply pumping out content. Instead, focus your efforts on content that you are passionate about. It’s always more interesting to read or watch something that is written by a team in-the-know, vs someone just looking to get something published daily.


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photo credit: Tekke via photopin cc

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