Why content structure is important to rank well in Google?

Did you know that the structure of the texts on your site has a big say in SEO? Well, if not, then you must know that:

  • A well-structured content has better chances to rank well in Google
  • Well-structured texts have lower bounce rates
  • Such content has superior chances of receiving attention on social media

From the above, it’s quite clear why text structure is important. It’s also clear why you just can’t ignore the structuring of the content on your website.

More so, you should understand that:

  • Readers or users scan a text thoroughly before deciding whether to go ahead or not
  • Most readers or users scan a text and try to understand what it’s all about
  • Most readers or users won’t go beyond headings and subheadings if they are not impressive or well structured
  • Most readers won’t move beyond the first paragraph if the content is not what they look for
  • Most users also look at the first sentences of every paragraph to judge whether the content is meaningful to them or not

Content Structure OptimizationWell, things would have been easier if readers alone had been responsible for better rankings of your texts, which is sadly not the case. It’s Google that will decide whether your content is good enough to get better rankings or not.

It’s great that Google uses text structure for its ranking as that way, you always have a chance to get things in right correct. But, how will you get things in order unless you knew how what Google expects from you text structure?

Google has three ways to judging or understanding a text structure, including:

Semantic closeness

If your texts have related words or terms or phases searched by users, then Google deems it semantic closeness. It means, your text structure must be relevant or must be close to what users want.

The reasonable surfer

This parameter is all about the headings of the text containing relevant keywords matching to the topic detailed or discussed in the page. So, if your headings are not relevant, Google may not deem it a right text structure.

Text Structure OptimizationSynonyms

If the texts of a web page have relevant synonyms, then Google considers it a case of good text structuring. After all, the Hummingbird update has boosted it capabilities notches up when it comes to understanding synonymous used in texts.

How to improve the structure of your text?

Google is master at analyzing content and it’s getting even better by the day, courtesy regular updates. You should therefore try to write better and maintain a right structure in your content as only that can help it get good rank. You should follow following tips:

  • You have to give extra care to the headings, first paragraph and first sentences of every new paragraph
  • Give clarity to the text of the first paragraph and highlight main ideas
  • Headings work as keywords for Google and thus, make them highlight the points to discuss
  • The first sentence of every paragraph must be engaging and interesting, so try making it the same


In overall, text structure is key to catching the attention of readers and getting superior ranks. So, better your text structure and win a lot on the SEO front.

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