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 A Shift in Marketing Paradigms

If you got a chance to read my earlier blog, I talk about how creating a deep and rich experience is the key to doing great things in any domain. When we begin there and bring our audience to center stage, to really understand what excites them, that’s half the battle won.

In this blog, I’ll specifically talk about what it means to create a rich marketing experience to make any new product and/or solution great. Especially as the paradigms of marketing continue to evolve from traditional to digital, from cost to revenue and from linear to growth, it is kind important to pause and take stalk of how the marketing engine can be tuned to meet new goals. Continue reading “Really Connect With Your Prospects to Drive a Deep Marketing Experience” »

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We all know this, good content sells! But, what does it take to create good content? Among other things, an impactful SEO strategy. Although it seems like every organization employs a sound SEO centric approach to drive results, there’s more than what meets the eye. In this infographic, we attempt to provide an insight to the various elements that are critical to drive result oriented SEO. Continue reading “Why SEO-centric content drives conversions (Infographic)” »

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Marketing ideas for businessesIt’s true that small businesses can never expect to match the budgetary luxury and deep purse of big entities. They however can keep their hopes alive and look for marketing ideas that are cost effective and impactful at the same time. After all, there is a big window of opportunities waiting beyond the world of sponsored or paid marketing!

It means, there are quite a few viable and economical marketing techniques that small businesses can leverage to boost their presence across channels in digital space and realize their objectives. There is only one hitch – these methods need sustained efforts and a little patient from you to give results. Continue reading “Marketing ideas for businesses with budget constraints” »

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We would like to take the opportunity on International Women’s Day to thank all the women writers, project managers, marketers and leaders who have a made a difference to our customers and us. At eZdia, we work with more than 35,000 content experts across the globe on several strategic projects and more than 70% of them are accomplished women writers and leaders who have proven that the pen is mightier than the sword.

These women have written on a variety of topics in e-commerce, retail, real estate, health and more, have successfully managed strategic projects, spent hours editing and proofing content, given a facelift to brands, and kept the lights on. These women, in their own way have helped us to make a difference and create a social enterprise that we had envisioned. Continue reading “Paying a Tribute to All Women in Content” »

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It was my first SMX last week and pretty good insights around topics related to search overall. Search is evolving very rapidly with digital, and as marketers, all of us need to keep pace. Digital strategy is an inevitable part of your overall marketing strategy. But Digital Transformation has several moving parts and several tonalities including enriched content, it’s medium and the immediate ecosystem around this.

Continue reading “The Search Marketing Imprints, Key Search Takeaways from the Show floor!” »