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How To Make Your Blog A Source Of RevenueHave you ever realized how helpful blog posts can be to your business? Or, did you ever try to gauge the impact of sharing information in the digital space through blogs?

If not, then you should know that:

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WordPress Plugins For Content MarketingDistribution of unique, fresh and informative content across web channels is a major marketing strategy. Doing this helps attract customer attention and drive traffic. It’s also a beneficial strategy to reach to the audience and make them aware of your business. This is what content marketing is all about which helps brands boost their value and visibility. Continue reading “Top 7 WordPress Plugins For Successful Content Marketing” »

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Content Marketing Trends 2016Over the years, a drastic change has come in the way people publish or consume content. As more people are reaching the digital space than ever before, the need is growing for more content to care of their consumption need.

Similarly, the arrival of new gadgets and spurt in sources of seeking information has ensured that a growing number of people lack attention span. This leads to the need of redefining your content strategy and going with visual depth to let the message linger on in memory for longer. Continue reading “Major Content Marketing Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore In 2016” »

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Negative Online ReviewsNegative reviews are something that your business simply can’t avoid or stop from happening. They will happen, no matter how hard you try, or how big investment you do. You however should come up with a solid strategy to deal with them.

So, what should be your strategy to deal those reviews that are damaging for your brand value? Ignoring them, responding them selectively or engaging with them always…? Continue reading “Negative Online Reviews And Your Business Strategy For 2016” »

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There’s a SaaS for That!

I am sure you all remember Apple’s trademark – There’s an App for That! I had a similar feeling at MarTech when I was looking through all the software. There were possibly a dozen solutions for any problem you could think of.

Whether it’s predictive intelligence/machine learning tools to do advanced attribution or content marketing, marketing project management, account based marketing, content performance management and tracking, event management or lead management, it’s all there and ripe for consolidation. Continue reading “In the Crowded World of Marketing Tech, Where Do You Stand?” »