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With the web, you’re always open this DiwaliThat’s right: Thanks to the Internet, your store can be open 24/7. A large number of e-commerce sites, supported by an ever increasing online customer base and the increased popularity of online shopping in general, have made e-tailing hot like never before. E-tailers can now serve their customers and sell products all day during this Diwali.

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Online Reputation ManagementOver 85% of consumers read online reviews of a business or product before engaging with them or making a purchase. Another report says that over 40% people find “something” in a Google search that impacts their purchasing decision, and often causes them to do business with a different company instead.

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ecommerce contentFestive season is just a few weeks away. According to a recent study, 56% of online shoppers in India spent Rs. 5,000 or more during the 2014 festive season. Is your eCommerce store ready to make the most of this time? To do so, you’ll need a clear-cut content strategy. Continue reading “E-commerce Content: More Important Than Ever During the Festive Season” »

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Content SyndicationIn content marketing, creating content is half the battle. The other half is distributing it across the many platforms on the web so that it can reach the largest possible audience. The goal should be to get the content seen by as many people as possible. After all, content that doesn’t get viewed is not of much use and won’t benefit your search engine rankings.

Syndicating the content you create is an essential part of content marketing. In order for your content to have an impact on your customer base and your site’s rankings, you need a solid content distribution strategy. With social sharing rising in importance, content marketers have a big task at hand to make their content shareable and keep it visible.

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Quality ContentQuality in general is a subjective idea that differs from person to person. A work of art, or a piece of writing, may be considered excellent by some and low-quality by others, as personal opinions tend to vary. Google, however, is consistent. It rates content for its quality and adjusts search rankings based on that.

Reports indicate that sites with more customer engagement get better rankings than the rest. The content that engages visitors and holds their attention for a longer duration on the site is considered to be of higher quality. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a high quality standard for your content to get superior rankings and greater web visibility. Continue reading “How Do Search Engines Define “Quality Content”?” »