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Mobile Optimization

It used to be that websites didn’t need mobile optimization to rank well in search engine results. That’s no longer the case. In fact, due to the growing amount of mobile traffic, Google has put in place a new algorithm that necessitates websites be optimized for mobile. Mobile SERPs (search engine results pages) will now depend on the mobile-friendliness of a website.

Because of this, search engine rankings will be impacted if sites fail to incorporate mobile optimization, which can result in a substantial loss of online traffic, customers and revenue. As the number of mobile users worldwide reaches a staggering 1.5 billion mark, this optimization becomes ever more essential.

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Picture1Transition from a Cost to a Revenue Unit

Marketing is tough, I don’t think any marketer can deny that. And, as you scale up the value chain to lead the pack, there are some very imminent challenges. The fact is, Marketing was, and still is perceived as a cost center.

Traditionally, it was responsible for driving awareness and brand identity. But now, it is being redefined, and you’ll come across terms like ‘data-driven’ marketers or better still, ‘revenue’ marketers. With the influx of automation and analytics software, it’s becoming fairly easy to make logical deductions about customer and prospect behavior and forecast marketing spend in key areas. Continue reading “Scaling Integrated Marketing Efforts – Perspectives for Today’s Enterprise” »

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What is a creative brief?

Creative Briefs

Creative briefs lay out the goals and requirements of any project in an organized, clearly understandable fashion for the creative team members—writers, editors, designers, videographers, etc.—who will be carrying out the project. They may also describe the methods which will be used. A creative brief is the key to achieving the goals of any marketing campaign, whether it involves producing ads, podcasts, promotional videos, email content or other marketing collateral.

Briefs are developed over the course of meetings, discussions, readings and brain-storming sessions. They take a range of factors into account, including goals of the business, brand requirements, the target audience, competitors’ strategy and other elements. Creative briefs can be tailored for a specific project or campaign, or they can be more general and used again and again. Continue reading “Tips on Writing Creative Briefs” »

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Top eCommerce News(US) Sept 2015 -  J.C.Penney focus in eCommerce|Williams-Sonoma eCommerce Profit Rises 5.8%.

At eZdia, we use our innovative technology and global workforce to provide high-quality content solutions to our eCommerce clients.


Stay tuned with the top eCommerce news of the month…!

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Local SEO

Experts from large Digital Marketing companies often say, “Think Global, Act Local.” There’s a lot of truth to this cliche, especially when it comes to search engines. The web might be global, but its local impact is what drives conversion, traffic and sales. Creating and executing local SEO strategy should top the charts for marketers in charge of local businesses. Continue reading “Four tips to grow your business with local SEO” »