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How are your Adwords performing?

Your marketing chain of command is probably very interested in the answer, but the rise and fall of an Adwords campaign depends on so many factors. The answer tends to be fairly complex. Consistent tracking and analysis can help provide the answers your are looking for, but accessing the right report can create a short cut for your team.

Google’s Adwords comes with a robust reporting tool. Many of the reports are easy to access and easy to run, but returns a bunch of data that needs to be parsed. There are a few reports we use most often that could be the missing key to your analytic success. Continue reading “Missing the Boat on Adwords Reports?” »

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When the Hummingbird search algorithm was announced on September 26, 2013, it had already been implemented by the search engine for nearly a month. Now that a full year has passed, it’s time to consider if you’ve adapted your SEO campaigns appropriately. We’ve gathered up the six best videos about the Google Hummingbird update.

Google hummingbird update


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The importance of including an image in your next piece of online content is hard to overstate. Even the most exciting content can be really boring without a dash of color to break the text into more readable sections, add some interesting visuals, show off product details and bring the words to life.

images are important for online content

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Customers are continuously searching for new products, entertainment and things-to-do. Keywords play an important part to the searcher finding what they are searching for.

To understand the relationship between customer queries and keywords, Google recently released a white paper- Keywords To The Wise that includes a checklist. Take a look here:



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