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create-content-image4Business2Community blogger and content expert Angela Hausman recommends a content creation cycle that includes measuring and analyzing performance, creating content based on those measurements and getting social with your content. As competition grows in the content marketing space, the need to publish more often, at greater length and with better quality is creating challenges for many small and midsized businesses.

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Despite most e-commerce websites pushing product descriptions to the bottom of their product pages, a rich and detailed description is among the most customer sought-after content on a product page.

Even if your product images look amazing, 99% of the first-time visitors will have queries about the product specifications. A rich product description can help answer many of these questions.

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Content MarketingI took my son Jack to opening night at our 2014 World Champion, San Francisco Giants game a couple weeks back and we proudly took possession of our Madison Bumgarner bobble heads (why is he wearing jeans?)

For those of you who don’t know or care about baseball and wonder what this has to do with content marketing, hold tight and just know this; Not only does “MadBum” have the lowest ERA(1) in postseason history (1.01), he also became the first player in MLB history to register two wins, a shutout and a save in one World Series and he registered 0.25 ERA, the lowest of any pitcher in World Series History.(2)  Quite simply “MadBum Rocks!”


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Growth of India e-Tail e-Commerce Industry

India’s rapid population growth and its ever-expanding Internet base favors the online retail industry. At present, more than 250 million of the country’s residents use the Internet. A recent survey forecasted that India is poised to experience phenomenal growth in terms of Internet connectivity among existing users and an increase in the overall user base.

The country currently ranks as one of the world’s top 10 retail markets, and it is estimated that India’s online retail sector will reach $95 billion by the end of 2015, which would mean a compound annual growth rate of 13 percent for the entire e-tail sector. These statistics point to an incredible boom for the e-commerce sector and the online industry in general.

Simply put, India is expected to be the fastest growing e-commerce market over the next few years. Nomura’s “projected” report on the Indian Internet industry estimates that the country’s e-commerce industry will reach a staggering $43 billion within next five years. This will make India a top player, and it gives it the ability to help shape the future of e-commerce. What makes this number so significant is that as recently as 2009, India’s e-commerce industry was hovering around the $3 billion to $4 billion mark only.

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Brad at French Laundry

The French Laundry, named #44 in World’s Top 100 Restaurants List, is the perennial favorite restaurant in the wine country of California. But it wasn’t just their incredible food and wine that got them there. Continue reading “What I learned about Content Marketing at the French Laundry!” »