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B2C content marketing goalsContent marketing is at the top of most marketing strategies.

“We need more content.” “That’s great content, how’d they do that?” “What type of content should we create?” “What is our customer looking for” “What do our customers need?”

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“If you do what you love, success will follow.”

Solid advice. Some discard it as impractical or naïve. Some prove its validity by example. Personally, I’m inclined to believe there’s some truth to the old saying.

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outsource contentSooner or later, enough is enough. Creating content for your website has gotten to be a hassle, and you need help. Sometimes the writing is on the wall and immediate action is clearly necessary, but sometimes you may keep trudging along with an inefficient content implementation strategy, doing the best you can and never getting a breather. If you’re on the fence about when to act, here are five signs it’s time for you to get help creating your content.

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content partners 1Working with another company to write the content for your business website is fairly commonplace today. The sheer scale of contemporary websites necessitates a scalable process and vast pool of freelancers that most companies can’t easily access.

When I talk to CMOs and marketing VPs/Directors at e-commerce companies, I often hear a complaint about managing such an endeavor:

The content just doesn’t fit.
The copy our internal team writes just sounds better.

Or the biggie:
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increase customer retention tied to increase profitsIt’s easy to fall back into old habits. As a marketer, this can mean rejoining the “brand awareness” race. The winner? Whoever gets the most clicks, the most unique traffic and so on. But when they cross that finish line and look around, they realize they’re just another face in a crowd. And whoever won may be celebrating a shallow victory, especially when higher-ups evaluate how much of an impact all of those clicks really had on the bottom line.

It’s a smart move to differentiate your approach in 2015 by focusing on customer retention and evangelism rather than just brand awareness. Not that you should eschew brand awareness altogether. Although a good portion of your content marketing money and energy should be tagged for chasing brand awareness, take a second look at how much you’ve set aside for retention and evangelism. It’s probably not enough, especially given the potential rewards for doing so. Continue reading “Play to Your Strengths: Make Customer Retention and Evangelism a Cornerstone of Your 2015 Content Strategy” »