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Automation ToolsIn recent times, a big change has come in the way businesses and brands market themselves and widen their horizon. Manual norms are largely their way out and paving the way for software-driven trend, and the world is fast experiencing the impact. Continue reading “How Automation Tools Are Boosting Your Marketing Efforts” »

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Why Your Business Should Invest In SEOOver the years, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has expanded and grown as a beneficial marketing tool for businesses of any size and scale. Even today, brads do a heavy-duty investment in optimization strategies and activities to continue taking advantages from the ever-expanding depth of the digital space. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO?” »

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mobile website optimizationPut simply, because your website will lose out on a big chunk of prospects if it’s not optimized for mobile. The number of smartphone users grows daily, and no business can afford to ignore a market that massive. As the web world turns towards mobile, your business has a chance to reach out to an ever-expanding pool of users. To understand the real benefits, take a look at a few key findings: Continue reading “Why Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile” »

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Travel Writing TipsMost people love traveling, and for good reason. When you travel, you can see new sights, meet different people, and explore other cultures. Encountering the unexpected is good for the soul. Travel widens our horizons and gives us firsthand experience of the world.

Tourists often want detailed information about the cities and destinations they plan to visit, and blogs are a perfect medium for providing this information to them. As more people than ever pack their bags for trips and vacations, a unique market niche of travel blogging has sprung up.

Share your travel experiences and recommendations with the world to make your website or blog a center of useful information for consumers. Continue reading “10 Writing Tips to Take Your Travel Website to the Next Level” »

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The Wild Wild West – An All Too Familiar Story! 


As a follow up from today’s webinar, I’d like to pen down a few thoughts around the importance of the creative brief tool for today’s modern enterprise. For those of you who missed it and want to see how easy it is to configure a brief without too many cycles and resources, reach out to me and I will be able to take you through it.

No denying that creating this piece is usually a herculean task for various reasons. Some factors which we talked about today include the presence of several moving parts including the changing nature of the product and the expectations from the immediate ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders. Continue reading “Use the Power of the Enterprise Content Platform to Simplify Your Brand. Deep Dive Into Creative Briefs and Brand Voice.” »