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Content drives Marketing – we know that! But why do a few marketers succeed more than others. And what does marketing success mean really? As Seth Godin says and that pretty much defines it – Marketing needs to tell and retell the story to different people, at different times, in different ways! And, marketers who do this in the most engaging way, consistently and creatively are winners! Continue reading “The Secret Sauce of Good Marketing – A Marketer’s Perspective!” »

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To say the content marketing industry is growing doesn’t do anyone any good. An eMarketer report predicted marketers will spend $4.3B on native advertising in 2015, a 35% increase over 2014. Expected to reach $8.8B by 2018, the content marketing industry is a big deal.  source Continue reading “16 Content Marketing Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe” »

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Seller Management Platform for the E-CommerceIn an ever-growing e-commerce sector, marketplaces are are looking for ways to onboard quality sellers, improve the customer experience for various pages and increase the conversion rate for their sellers. And sellers, in their quest to sell better, are continually adding their own stores and products in these marketplaces. There’s one thing that both sellers and marketplaces need: good content. Continue reading “Creating a Seller Management Platform for the E-Commerce Marketplace” »

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Let’s be honest, SEOs and CROs haven’t always played nicely together. The performance of their programs are inversely related, and they’re often on separate marketing teams with goals that appear to be opposite—SEOs are focused on offsite actions, getting the right page to show up for the right search and encourage a click on the organic result, while the CRO is laser focused on converting onsite consumers. Continue reading “Importance of SEOs and CROs working together” »

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India is expected to be the fastest growing e-Commerce market over the next few years.

Currently, more than 250 million of the country’s residents use the Internet which has experienced a 32% of growth/annum in last few years. India currently stands quite high as one of the world’s top 10 retail markets and it is estimated to reach $675 billion by the end of 2016. Continue reading “Indian e-Commerce at a Glimpse (Infographic)” »