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google's rich snippets

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You want to see a trailer before shelling out hard-earned cash for a movie. You’ll likely only check out a new television show after you’ve seen a commercial for it. Taking the point to the extreme, you’ll certainly take a test drive before buying a car, and a walkthrough is just the first step when you buy a house. It’s human nature to want some idea of what we’re getting into before we take action. 

Google recently introduced a new feature to its search results through which users can see detailed information about a subject—product specs, dates, addresses and so on—before they click on a result. They’re called structured snippets, and if marketers want to turn what could be a traffic-killing perk for users into a conversion booster, they’ll need to act fast to imbue their Web pages with as many helpful facts about a subject or product as they can. Continue reading “Increase SERP Visibility with Structured Snippets” »

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customer acquisitionMarketing professionals looking to expand or improve their customer acquisition strategies often get caught up in the intricacies of creating the strategy. Many start by researching the best channels to participate in, before defining what needs to be accomplished. When you need to build your client base, defining a basic customer acquisition strategy is the best place to start.  Continue reading “Lean Into Content Marketing for Customer Acquisition” »

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mind the gapEvery morning as I board the train, my eye catches these words. A common phrase written on railway platforms around the world, Mind the Gap serves as a warning to passengers of the space between the platform and the train. The gap between where you are on the platform and where you are about to step … on to the train.

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google penaltyRemember in the old days when the Internet was new? Then the gaming began…

In the old days, before Google penalties, a website could use a variety of keywords to drive traffic to a website, and the keywords didn’t have to match the website’s copy. For example, a company selling car parts could use the keywords, “sex,” “drugs,” and “rock and roll,” and as long as those words were in the meta tags or hidden somewhere else on the website, they were fair game. This of course annoyed owners of websites that were legitimately based on those keywords, and rightly so. To add insult to injury, many of the sites that took this approach offered questionable content and products.

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