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Experts from large Digital Marketing companies often say, “Think Global, Act Local.” There’s a lot of truth to this cliche, especially when it comes to search engines. The web might be global, but its local impact is what drives conversion, traffic and sales. Creating and executing local SEO strategy should top the charts for marketers in charge of local businesses. Continue reading “Four tips to grow your business with local SEO” »

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India is, and has always been a land of merchants. From gems and diamonds to spices of all flavors, from khadi-kurtas to different types of western-wear, the Indian market has an influx of products for both sellers and buyers.

With time, retailers and marketplaces have evolved. Local ‘haats’ have transformed into markets and now shopping malls. Over the last ten years, with internet making headway into smaller towns, India has seen an increase in the number of mobile users. Buying and selling online is now a mainstream practice. Continue reading “Your Guide to Become a Smart Seller Online” »

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In our webinar on July 28 we focused on the latest findings, time tested best practices and actionable tips to build efficient content strategy. Ryan Walton, Director of User Experience & Padmini Murthy, Dir. Marketing & Biz Dev at eZdia talked about the mindshift from the silo to the platform. Continue reading “Why Is Now The time To Build An Agile Content Strategy [Webinar]” »

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Alok recommendation
Alok CEO Ezdia

Alok Jain is a speaker, entrepreneur and SEO industry leader. As Co-CEO and CMO of eZdia, Alok provides digital marketing leadership and solution-focused content strategies to enterprises of all sizes, including start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and Internet Retailer Hot 100 companies.

Here are a few of Alok’s article recommendations!

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While venturing through content development, it is quite imperative to come across a number of content marketing challenges. As a company that’s dealing with the said genre of work, eZdia constantly strives to address these challenges.

Continue reading “Content marketing challenges and their solutions (Infographic)” »