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Brad at French Laundry

The French Laundry, named #44 in World’s Top 100 Restaurants List, is the perennial favorite restaurant in the wine country of California. But it wasn’t just their incredible food and wine that got them there. Continue reading “What I learned about Content Marketing at the French Laundry!” »

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eZ team in IndiaOur US team made it! Brad, Deepak and Alok will be traveling through India for the next two weeks, attending eTailing India, hosting an afternoon coffee in Bangalore and meeting with many of our current and prospective clients.

The ultimate emerging market – India’s eCommerce industry has seen unprecedented growth in 2014 and a huge forecast for 2015. The time is right to discuss infrastructure and solutions for eCommerce in India.

That’s exactly why we are here!

As the demand for eCommerce content and data improvements continues to skyrocket in India, eZdia is perfectly positioned to be the content infrastructure partner for any retailer with an eye for advantage in the exciting Indian market.

Will your team be attending eTailing India this week? Stop by our booth and meet the team! You can find us at booth #8, or send us a note and we can arrange a meeting time.


If you won’t be attending eTailing India, we will be available to meet in a few different cities over the next two weeks:


1. Mumbai: Our team will be attending eTailing India from February 24-26th. If you aren’t attending, we will have some availability for meetings while we are in town.
Schedule a meeting in Mumbai


2. Bangalore: Join us for coffee On Sunday, March 1 from 3:15 PM to 5:00 PM at Octave Hotel #14 Koikondanahalli Village Bangalore.

RSVP here for our Bangalore event


3. Delhi: Request a meeting with the team while they are in Delhi in early March.

Schedule a meeting in Delhi





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contentWriting takes time. Anyone who says it doesn’t probably isn’t much of a writer. But managing other writers? A whole editorial team and a production process to boot? That can be a logistical nightmare and a huge time suck. Are you equipped to manage content production for your company in today’s market?


Today, content generation needs to be fast. And next month it will need to be faster. There’s just no other way to meet the ever-increasing demand for inbound marketing. Data shows that the demand across industries for content creation in 2013 was 70 percent higher than it was in 2012, and that trend was expected to continue through 2014. But that’s no surprise, considering the overwhelming evidence showing the more quality content the better:

Continue reading “Ready to Produce Your Own Content” »

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eZdia_eTailingIndiaIt’s not every day that a nation representing nearly 20 percent of the world’s population becomes a viable field for eCommerce within the span of a year. But that’s happening in India, where a sustained economic boom and recent political windfalls are converging to open up the populous, increasingly affluent country to foreign and homegrown eCommerce investors and establishments alike.

Some companies have already begun allocating resources to what looks like the new frontier for big eCommerce. Others would do well to strike while the iron is hot and start building content and data infrastructures that can meet the demands of a nation projected to be the most populous in the world by 2025. They’ll need an ally who not only has an understanding of the local market and culture but also possesses technology vetted by the competitive Western market. They’ll need content and data infrastructure solutions that are both comprehensive and fluid enough to adapt to this new frontier. Continue reading “Big Content and Data will Ignite India’s Explosive eCommerce Growth” »

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India’s flagship eCommerce event — eTailing India — is scheduled to begin in just a few days. This year’s theme is Policy, Trust & Infrastructure – Bridging the Gap. February 24-26, 2015, global and domestic industry leaders will join the 3-day expo to connect, share insights and experiences, exchange ideas, discuss market trends and highlight new opportunities specifically in the India Market.

Team eZdia will be there! This year promises to be the largest gathering of industry CEOs, executives, industry players and more! Our teams from both the Noida, India office and the Silicon Valley, US office will be there!


Deepak GoyalAlok-Jain profileBrad Curtis







What is eTailing India? eTailing India began in 2012 with the goal of becoming India’s largest expert resource for the eCommerce industry. With accelerated growth over the past few years, eTailing India has managed to achieve its goal of becoming a thought leader for the booming Indian e-commerce industry. eTaling India brings together the ecosystem of Indian ecommerce and helps them​:

  • Connect with the business experts
  • Share domain knowledge
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas
  • Drive policy advocacy
  • Track industry trends
  • Connect with and guide students & entrepreneurs

Are you planning to attend eTailing India? Meet us there!

If you want to connect with the US eZdia team while they are in India for the event, get in touch here and schedule a meeting. This is a rare opportunity to schedule an in-person meeting with our dynamic founders! They will be available for meetings in-country for about 6 days around the main event.
Schedule a Meeting