Automation ToolsIn recent times, a big change has come in the way businesses and brands market themselves and widen their horizon. Manual norms are largely their way out and paving the way for software-driven trend, and the world is fast experiencing the impact.

Let’s have a look at two vital data points:

  • More than 75% high-performing marketers attribute marketing automation as reason of their revenue growth.
  • More than 80% businesses or brands have leveraged marketing automation tools in the last three years to boost their sales and revenue.

Both the stats point to a tectonic shift felt in the digital marketing space. To understand its impact better, let’s dig a bit deeper.

As we know, marketing is essential for any business to take their ideas, messages, products and services to their target audience and create awareness. If your brand is not reaching to more people, you may never realize either business objectives or those sales and revenue numbers.

It’s the marketing professionals who put in big efforts, manage data, understand complexities and optimize the efforts. Above all, they also toil hard to reduce errors and engage in a series of repetitive tasks.

For such tribe of professional, digital marketing automation tools bring an opportunity to go through a right chunk of data, automate tasks, curtail errors and take insightful decisions based on the numbers/data achieved.

Purpose of digital marketing automation tools

  • Automate marketing processes
  • Assistance in campaign management
  • Enable customer segmentation
  • Help in customer data integration
  • Boosts customer relationship management

In essence, such tools are basically feature-rich software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error, manage complexity and measure and optimize your marketing efforts.

Benefits of digital marketing automation tools for your business

Automation tools benefit business on many levels and give them a distinct edge in the market. They help in:

  • Simplification of standard and day-to-day organizational and marketing tasks
  • Removal of recurring manual processes to increase overall productivity
  • Curtailing human errors and streamlining various routine activities, processes and documentation
  • Smoothening the workflow processes of organization
  • Benefiting marketing activities across channels and medium
  • Receiving insightful information on customer behaviors and intent to help in their retention
  • Personalization of customer relationship and redefining customer management metric
  • Successful tracking and monitoring of marketing campaigns to alter strategies at any point of time
  • Enriching the business with customer profile and data management capabilities


It’s quite clear that the future of digital marketing lies in automation. With the rising tide of competition, there is no surprise that manual routines are losing their luster with automation tools replacing them and driving home advantages galore. It’s time your business understood the current and braced for the challenges ahead.

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