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Alok Jain is a speaker, entrepreneur and SEO industry leader. As Co-CEO and CMO of eZdia, Alok provides digital marketing leadership and solution-focused content strategies to enterprises of all sizes, including start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and Internet Retailer Hot 100 companies.

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Ease of Use Drives Shopping App Installs Among Millennials.
Ease of Use Drives Shopping App
More and more millennials are downloading and using shopping apps. Read more:


Community-Curated Content a Key Differentiator for E-Commerce Firms: Report.
Curated Content a Key Differentiator for E-Commerce
User-generated content can be a major resource for online retailers and e-commerce sites. Read more:


How “Listening” to User-Generated Content Leads to E-Commerce Sales.
How Listening To User-Generated Content Leads
Community-created content provides insights enabling you to tailor your site experience to the needs of your customer base. Read more:


Why Is Indian E-Commerce Adopting Mobile Strategy & What It Means For Indian Consumers.
Mobile App-only Strategy 1
Major e-commerce players like Flipkart are turning all their attention to their apps, and Flipkart is even shutting down its website. Read more:


E-Commerce Companies Need Content Partners, Not Mills.
Alok Article Header
E-commerce sites that leverage outside content firms need to work with firms that understand their vision, their products, and their customers. Read more:


Beyond Amazon: 5 Niche Ecommerce Sites Driving Innovation In Online Shopping.
Beyond Amazon 5 New Ecommerce Sites
E-commerce sites would be wise to pay attention to the innovations these smaller companies are introducing to the marketplace. Read more:


Hit a Growth Plateau? Use These 9 Ecommerce Strategies.
Hit a Growth Plateau- 9 Ecommerce Strategies
What do you do once you’ve stopped growing? You use these strategies to get your business trending upwards once again. Read more:


The Recipe for Rich Product Descriptions.
Rich Product Descriptions
Rich product descriptions will answer your customers’ questions, but they need to be more than just a few lines of text. Read more:


At eZdia, we use our innovative technology and global workforce to provide high-quality content solutions to our e-commerce clients. Our content creation platform is currently serving over half the IR10, and our clients include Amazon, eBay, Williams-Sonoma, Sears, Myntra, Newegg, Snapdeal, FirstCry and many others. We’re experienced at building customized product descriptions, category page descriptions, buying guides and other forms of e-commerce content at a large scale, and our platform has helped content managers to quadruple their production.

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