When the Hummingbird search algorithm was announced on September 26, 2013, it had already been implemented by the search engine for nearly a month. Now that a full year has passed, it’s time to consider if you’ve adapted your SEO campaigns appropriately. We’ve gathered up the six best videos about the Google Hummingbird update.

Google hummingbird update


1) Hummingbird Update SEO – Ignite Visibility:

Learn the eight things you should know about the Google Hummingbird Update from the President of SEO and Social Media of the company. Key topics include better answers to questions, the increased importance of social media and the reduced usage of Panda.
2) Matt Cutts’ Keynote at Pubcon 2013:

Discover more about the Hummingbird Update from a keynote speech by Matt Cutts, head of the Webspam team at Google. A representative of the company itself provides insights into the Hummingbird update. The update is discussed in Part 1, but watch the entire speech for more information on related topics.
3) Google’s Hummingbird Update and The Future of SEO:

The founder of Ebway Creative takes you through a slideshow presentation. After reviewing how Google’s algorithms worked in the past, the video shows what has changed in regard to SEO with the Hummingbird search algorithm.


4) An Overview of Google Hummingbird – SEO Lunch

This video made our list of the six best videos about the Google Hummingbird update in part because of the other videos in the series. Start with this video from 2013 for a broad look at the Hummingbird update before delving into more advanced topics.


5) What is the Google Hummingbird Update? An SEO Podcast | Edge of the Web Radio:

This popular podcast with a radio program format focused on the Hummingbird update with a panel of experts including Erin Sparks, Tom Brodbeck and Douglas Karr. Because of the overview and variety of perspectives this Google SEO video presents, it’s a great starting point to understand the new algorithm.
6) SEO Explained! | Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update and Contextual Marketing: This hour-long conversation is between Bosco Anthony and Cijaye Depradine of Cijaye Creative touches on how the update has impacted search engine optimization and likely will in the future. The focus of this talk is the importance of contextual marketing.



As you watch these videos about the Google Hummingbird update, it’s important to focus on the aspects that most directly affect your SEO campaigns while incorporating the overall shift to a more contextual algorithm. We purposely assembled videos on Google that cover the major points of the update, presented in a number of formats to cater to your preferred way to learn.



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