How do you create your marketing strategy? Do you build from successes and failures earned in the previous year? Rely on site and industry data, incorporating those markers into content plans? Or follow trends, creating and publishing content that is sure to be hot?

Unfortunately, the answers aren’t cut and dry. Content strategies are best handled like a million-piece puzzle, in constant phases of searching, scouting, re-arranging and building.

Occupying more budgets, team resources, and digital real estate than ever before, content marketing is an reaching new heights. New channels are emerging weekly, new placements are being carved out, new job titles are sprouting up and budgets are being thrown in its direction. Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.44.38 PM

The graph above from Google Trends shows the growing interest over time specifically for the term “content marketing”. With more than 85% of all B2C marketers using content marketing, the number of searches and pieces of content focused on content marketing is exploding. Employing an average of 12 content marketing tactics each, the questions marketers often mull over again and again are:

  • what should be published?
  • where should it be published?
  • how is it going to attract new customers?
  • how will the content be found?

Check out the infographic below, provided by WebDAM Solutions. Featuring 20 marketing statistics that are sure to influence many marketing strategies in 2014. Many of the statistics below are well known and often cited. You could probably get any marketer to rattle through at least of the 10 stats included below. But the real benefit here is visualizing how each data group link up and influence channels, customers and ideas. What factors will influence your marketing efforts this year? See any surprising statistics here?


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