Quality Review

Product Listings, Search & More

Let our team of certified experts review your product pages, dynamic search, and category pages to recommend best practices while monitoring for potentially negative content.


Product, Category & Landing Pages

eZdia’s team of expert writers, editors, and project managers improve and enrich eCommerce page content to ensure a seamless shopping experience. We review and fix missing product titles, descriptions, keywords, image attributions and more.

Awareness Content

Blogs & Buying Guides

Customers use the search experience to find answers. We create content that helps your customers find your products. Blogs and Buying Guides present creative products and solutions to increase brand awareness and conversion.

Human Expertise Meets Scalable, Robust Technology

Welcome to Smart Content by eZdia



Fewer Bounces

  • Hand-selected and Pre-Screened Writers, Editors and Project Managers
  • Dedicated Team for Your Company
  • All Original Content Based on Your Brand Voice and Style Guide
  • Engaging Content



More Customers

  • Review eCommerce Pages with our Platform and Community of Experts
  • Find the Best Opportunity for Revenue Growth
  • Add Missing Attributes and Keywords
  • Drives Traffic and Sales


Pages per Month

  • Improve Thousands of Pages with Keywords and Original Content
  • Robust Technology for Efficiency
  • End-to-End Fully Managed Process
  • Customizable to be Handsoff or Full Control

Our Customers

Ensure your product and landing pages are discoverable by leveraging best-of-breed content to increase search visibility, improve user experience, and increase revenue.


Brands & Manufacturers


Case Studies

Top 200 IR Increased Revenue by 46% in 6 Months


Low traffic and conversion rate


Enriched Product Pages


24% lift in traffic 40% conversion improvement

Found 40% of Pages Miscategorized


Algorithm Miscategorized Products


Monitored Search and Category Pages


Reduced Miscategorized Pages by 40%

Avg Bounce Rate went from 95% to 82%

Top 5 Retailer Increased Revenue by  $3M in 12 Months


Low traffic and conversion rate


Created Blogs and Buying Guides

Enriched Product and Category Pages


2M New Visitors $3M Revenue Lift


eZdia’s content expertise in building specialized buying guides and category pages for fashion helped us improve organic traffic to our site. The platform helped to create and manage different types of e-Commerce content and scale our large initiatives quickly without compromising on quality. eZdia’s style guidelines established the much needed structure for such an initiative and brought out the best for Myntra’s Topline.

Kaushal Thakkar

Sr. Product Manager, Myntra

eZdia’s platform added visibility, repeatability and reliability to our creative process, allowing Purch managers a configurable dashboard to track the progress of each piece of content. It definitely helped to increase production while maintaining our strict quality standards. eZdia’s Content Creation Platform turned our editors into content creation machines, allowing them to deftly churn out projects and ensuring Purch’s success throughout the engagement.

Phil Barett

Sr. VP, Purch

The absolute best thing about working with eZdia is the people. I have never met any other group of people who are that willing to ensure my success. If I’m having major difficulties with a project and need assistance, I have the direct number to the CEO. No other company that I’ve ever worked with has done that. If the tool has errors, I have three phone numbers that I can call to get it back up again.

Dana Kinzer

Principal, Kinzer Projects

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